beer limerick last line competition No.1!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by growler, Sep 3, 2004.

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  1. A beer-loving vicar named Eric
    Whose parish was South of North Berwick
    Gazed out at the pews
    And announced the good news…

    Over to you!!!
  2. I've been pinged...I'm off on Op. Telic

    Yeah I know....crap :p
  3. "I'm gan on pisss tonight in Morpeth with Derek"
  4. "Am gettin' wed to a Muslim cleric"
  5. I'm abusing a choirboy called Derek
  6. My tash makes me look like Tom Selleck

  7. A barmaid of note, name of Brenda,
    Threw out all she thought might offend her.
    At the mildest remark
    She would often embark…
  8. on a campaign to be rid of MDN, the bender
  9. .......on a rimming spree i.e an arrse bender
  10. South Africa to alter her gender! :twisted:
  11. ...on a killing spree, using a blender
  12. to attack from gib, on santander:D
  13. .... to fire up her double ender!

  14. On a c0ck so warm and tender...