Beer Jelly

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by zippy483, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. Here we go all you culinary whizz kids

    My old fella has recently been diagnose with a condition that means he can no longer dring liquids, but he can eat so the question is.

    How do i make beer jelly??

    an internet search has proved fruitless plenty of vodka jelly no beer jelly (there may be a techincal reason why not)

  2. OOH wrong place

    Mods can you move this to the cooking forum my apologies

  3. My brother used to make that only with extra strong Cider, Scrumpy, eaten with cold roast pork, or cheese, mmmmmmmmm
  4. You can make jelly out if any liquid. Packets of gelatine will carry instructions about how many leaves you need to use for the volume you want. If he wants to vary his intake, I can particularly recommend doing this to Bloody Marys.
  5. I love Bloody Mary ice lollys
  6. My first thought was this but it seems that's not a good idea.
    Will keep looking for you.
  7. As it's a hot weekend, dusting off the ice cream maker seems like a good idea. Pimms sorbet all round?
  8. Zippy, you 4 eyed failure - a brief search of google brought this up:

    Beer jelly recipe.
    Will this recipe find its way to other uses? Here you go cadet, jelly and ice cream, from your favourite uncle Ian. :)

    Kev C.
  9. There is a product you can get called 'thick and easy' (yes it gave us all a giggle too)
    Add it to any liquid to thicken it as much or little as you need.
    It doesn't flavour whatever you are using it in and doesn't need time to set like jelly, so might be easier to use.
    We used to use it when I worked in a nursing home, you should be able to buy it at any chemist or the Dr will prescribe it
  10. We use the same stuff to thicken liquids, making it easier to drink, not sure how easy it would be to get outside of NHS.

    Gelatine, either leaf or powdered should do the job, just experiment with the amounts using some of the above recipes as a guide.

    Good to see that some people are taking the nutritional needs of people they care for seriously.

    Good Luck
  11. As an alternative to gelatine (an animal derived product), agar is available from most health food shops.

    That way you can still be an alcy but maintain a warm inner glow from being a veggie too.