Beer here! Beer here!

Towergate Wilsons are running their 3000 beers competition - look out for the banners on the site!
They are running two categories of prizes; 3000 beers for the winning major unit
(established strength over 200) and 1000 beers for the minor unit (established
strength 200 or less) and will deliver to any UK address (or UK military base in
Germany) on a day of your choosing.



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Thanks for the correction. You may have just seen this in the newsletter - a true 'no brainer' - get a few mates together and win a load of beer for whatever your next unit / subunit bash is - all ranks Christmas fight? I'll try and get a score table from Towergate next week.

Here's last years winners - 2 Rifles - before drinking 3000 beers I can only assume:


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Towergate Wilsons have said that they've received quite a few entries for this free beer competition - best hurry and get your entry in or you'll miss out, lads! :-D


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Great, one of the lads just nominated his sniper pair as a minor unit.
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