Beer Goggles

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by badegg, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. booze bino's!
  2. ale vale?
  3. Just going off thread slightly but on the same subject. I was driving down the road once with my 6 yr old daughter in the back both laughing at a jokey song on the radio. One line said "I got my beer goggles on" when the song finished there was a pause and daughter asks "Dad, what are beer goggles"

    How the fcuk do you explain that one to a 6 year old girl?
  4. P1ss Mist?
  5. You don't.

    (Just get her p!ssed and let her find out for herself.)
  6. I have a friend with partial blindness in one eye, he has a "beer monacle"
  7. fosters filter, vodka vision, stella scanner, alcohol beauty treatment. God I've drunk too much and pumped a lot of munters
  8. Beer goggles explained:


    Makes no sense to me whatsoever, maybe after a few pints.
  9. Ethanol enhancement.

    Alcoholic face lift.
  10. I do'n' have any more whitty names to add to the list.

    I did however find out that the effect is increased if you have just got back from one of the sandy places and you still have you Tour Googles on as well.

    Thats a Christmass do I'll not forget in a hurry. Although I have been trying.
  11. Beer goggles anyone????

  12. Deary me! Don't give up your day job mate unless it is stand up comedian, then you should reconsider you career. :winkrazz:
  13. JD - What a brilliant put-down! Did you think it up yourself, or did your "carer" help?