Beer Goggles

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by whistler, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. OK, it's Friday - time to talk beer again.

    I found this little beauty whilst reading the BBC web site Beer Goggles

    Anyone got any related stories they'd like to share?
  2. Sadly, in my youth, I was afflicted by the occasional beer goggle syndrome. On one occasion, a real horror turned up on the doorstep of my parents house and after I had pursuaded her to leave and never return my dad took me to one side. "Son. It's about time you stopped going to dark nightclubs". I didn't have the heart to tell him that it was because I was completely p1ssed, but then again, as dads do, he probabaly already knew and it was just hi way of saying, "What a pig!".
  3. I wore beer goggles for a full 14months, when i sobered up i divorced the pig i had married.
  4. Sounds like the reverse George Best syndrome - he copped off with some beauties when p1shed and then binned them (when still p1shed apparently)
  5. This sort of ties in, but you may have heard of the bird who's a "Kronenbourg" (she looks 16 from behind but 64 from the front). Drink enough of it and this phenomena presumably disappears.

  6. meet this total stunner one night (with my beer goggles on) we got on great, laugh and joked alnight.
    went for a necking in the pub car park and after a bit of wondering hand trouble i come accross a set of MEAT AND TWO VEG.

    She didnt look so good with a bloody nose and black eye !
  7. 'kin 'ell - that's almost enough to make you go teetotal (I said almost) 8O

    Do you still get nightmares?
  8. I've never gone to bed with an ugly woman!

    But I've woken up with a few. :oops:
  9. Dont get nightmares anymore but i'm thinking about joining the Navy !

    Hello Sailor, Chase Me.

  10. i would have kept that quiet.........
  11. i would have kept that quiet.........
  12. I should have kept it quiet 6 years ago, but NO not I, big mouthed me, I told me mates and it has supplied numeruos hours of pi55 taking
    ever since.
    I'm used to it now, and looking back I can see the funny side. ( I think ) lol

    Just remember - before you start buying your future target any drinks, check to see if shes got a sense of humour and anyother unwelcome body parts.
  13. I once lay deathly still, pretending to be fast asleep, for about an hour and a half until the old moose in whose bed I'd ended up finally got fed up and went out. I would have put my disco kit back on in 30 seconds flat only by that time my entire arm had gone completely numb and was flopping around like a freshly caught mackerel. It took a good 5 minutes to become useful again ... then I legged it.
  14. Truth being stranger than fiction there is actually a scientific explanation for the beer goggle effect:

    Helps explain why I've never chatted up an ugly woman but I've woken up with a few who've produced the coyote effect (rather bite my arm off than move it and disturb them).
  15. Is that a wind up mr ex blue job?

    You'd think you might have clicked on the wee blue hyperlink thingy on my first post :roll:

    Do me a favour matey - define whether you're an ex light or dark blue job so that I can tailor my p!ss taking accordingly :oops: :oops: