Beer Goggle Malfunction


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I'm sure that her Mother/Father love her (they're close that way).....
So thats where the bear hostess got to when she was lost Amy :x

Of course I could be mistaken
This comment has got to be a wah.

Is this pic funny to you?
Maybe you should find your way to a therapists couch.
Ask yourself why you are so quick to judge others.
The comments to this are a microcosm of our media’s and advertising campaigns version of what is acceptable and you idiots buy it.

This one however......

Roll her up in flour and aim it for the wet spot.
I don't get it- this is surely the perfect application of the beer googles. Young lad pulls an attractive lady- she gets, well, anything- everybody is happy. Always seems to work fine for me...
Never, ever, went to bed with anything as gopping as that. Woke up with a few, though,

(OK, it's an old joke, but according the girls in work, so am I)
Right you fuckers , I demand my phot is pulled at once. I was supposed to be at work the next day so was on soft drinks & we ALL know Vodka is almost undetectable mixed with lime, You utter , utter cunts, hurrrumph, "skulks off biting knuckle really hard , shaking head, ashamed , really ashamed"

She reminds me a lot of Kassel Moose. 3 ADSR Circa 1988 - 92

Oh how my skinny body trembled with delight as she led me to the block for a good seeing too. That young man in the pic has done himself proud.

Good drills!
I would too.
Austen_D said:
did you get this off by any chance?
You'd have to go digging to get anywhere with that chick.... probably need some kind of support structure to hold the rolls up as you went...
Just love the one of the comments:
"Why is this funny? Because she’s blessed with an alternative body type that you don’t find attractive?"

Obviously someone who is into VERY alternative body types!!
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