Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jack06, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. hi guys
    bit of a touchy subject, and some may even shed a few tears, but here it goes. As many guys, keen on joining the army, I am training hard and go to the gym every second day, and like many civvies I like to have a pint or two after a workout of any physical exertion (nowadays just the gym, as I have my rest day). My question is by having say 2 pints on my gym day (after my workout) would this in some way compromise my workout? Specifically sit ups (as you hear of and see all too often the dreaded pot belly) Is there any short term effects on ab muscles from beer?
    cheers jack
  2. Try Lite Beer - Michelob ultra is particularly nice. It ain't cheap though - I've never known any special offers on the Lite stuff and it's the smaller bottles.

    Good luck in your endevours.
  3. well, the calories that u have just burnt off in the gym, some of them would then be but straight back on when going for the drinks!
  4. awww man
    just drinking fosters (good price at the time)
    so you mean I need to stop :(
  5. I am not an expert, just a student nurse! maybe stop drinking straight after the gym, just drink a controlled amount at a weekend, larger and beer is very high in calories!! Gin and slim-line tonic is the lowest calorie alcoholic drink! But if ur going to the gym, u are burning the calories anyway, so prob not doing that much harm!
  6. Just drink half a pint thus its half the calories and if its half the calories you can have twice as much! :p
  7. Well, in my fittest years (say, 18 to 24) I smoked 20 a day and was fall-down drunk 3 out of 7 days and it never knowingly affected me. It's only when you get to about 30 that things start to go wrong - at least that's been my experience. I'm out of touch with current training techniques and standards but if I could do BFTs and even CFTs after a night on the electric soup then you'll be absolutely fine. It's all in the 'ed, innit?

    Pis5tank Caveat - if you're going to Sanhurts then things are slightly different - but perhaps not so much these days. I'll move over to let far more knowing souls advise.
  8. hi guys
    yer, hopefully should be ok, have a very high metabolic rate and don't put on weight. Just hope this isn't a big mistake
    thanks for your input guys!
  9. If u smoke, definatly quite, that will decrease ur fitness, don't drink to much, everything in moderation, and just follow a stable diet!
    ask one of the fitness instuctors at the gym for advice!!
  10. Oats and hay :lol:
  11. Here comes the boring science bit: 3 pints of lager equal 25% of a grown males recommended daily calory intake, and according to the Get fit for the army video, avoid drinking alcohol 1 or 2 hours before or after exercise. (This doesn't include rugby naturaly, a post game piss up is perfectly normal and healthy). So i'ld say to drink regularly after ex is a not such good thing.

  12. As a Prop........I have done the unthinkable and binned the beer. I am now strictly an Orange Juice man, but I'll still go out on the odd weekend. To be honest, a lot of where I was going wrong was occuring mid-week, having a few pints after training etc.

    The way I look at it now is, if you arn't going to get tanked and go on the pull, then theres no point drinking!
  13. Depends if your aim going to the gym is to get rid of a beer gut, or just to get better cv fitness. personally i wouldnt giv a fcuk
  14. well am naturally very thin, am 175cm and only weigh 56kg, basically all bone and muscle no excess fat at all. So the beer belly won't be a problem
  15. Good God man - sounds like you need to get some Guinesses down you!

    All bone and muscle? The first I can believe but subtracting the weight of a skeleton and your vitals off your total weight can't leave much!