beer and farts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gemill, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. now ive always been a guinness man myself ive always found that apart from the guinness shits the next day(comes back out as it goes in) the stonking hangover and the fact it makes me piss every 5 mins it is to say the least top drawer as far as grog goes however today ive been on the wife beater and i have to say feck me my arse is terrible ive come home tart less cause every time i aproach a girl my arse would just slide one out and it was like a staffy/pitbull cross had eaten its wimalot prime 3 chocie bars and a big bowl of kelogs allbran and id have to take a detour pst my m8 drawing a disgusted face to make folks think it was him so tell me have i got bowl cancer or does lager do this to your arse????

    yours thankfully a trully worried gemill whos shit scared(pun intended) about farting in middle of night and coating my sheets
  2. rumor has it all homos lose sphincter control after having their stool pushed in more them once. Suggestion stopping drinking beer in a gay bar!
  3. Try having a good strong vindaloo along with wife beater, and then you are talking. That’s a real room clearer the next morning.