Beer and driving


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I read that 40% off road accidents are caused by drink driving.
Does this mean its safer to drink and drive because 60% off the accidents are caused by sober people?
Or speed kills? I thought it was the twat in the artic who pulled out without looking.
Working on that theory;

If I drive twice as quick as you,
I am on the road for half the time as you,
Therefore you are twice as likely to have a crash than me! :D


Please do not try this argument with the Surrey Police - ended up with a black eye 8) and a sore head! (No points though!)
40% by drunk drivers
60% by men speeding to the pub for a beer :lol: :lol:

Seriously, the 60% is probably made up of junkie yoofs and prats who have never passed a driving test (this being most of the residents in my borough).
Drinking beer and driving isn't very safe. You can't fit a pint glass in your standard 'cup holder' so have to keep it in your hand whilst steering and changing gear, which in anyone's book, isn't safe driving practice.


Drink driving should lead to discharge, then again we would run out of officers very quickly...
2420_bloodylongtimeago said:
440ml cans fit std cupholders!
Drinking out of cans? How uncouth and a practice that should NEVER be seen from officers driving home from the mess!


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I work here with a Magistrate, and be warned - most of the offences at the regular 'Traffic Court' are people caught with no tax/no licence/no insurance ('the usual trio, he says) by automatic number plate readers. These things are getting more common, and good thing too!

Moral - they are watching you (unless you have a cloned plate, of course)
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