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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Heff30, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. Ok so talking with a mate who's uncle was in the army, and we was talking about getting wasted and smoking, when he said bars on bases charge like 80p for a vodka and mixer, and cigs are duty free? Is there any truth to this and for the recored I tried to google it but turned up nothing.

  2. 80p?? That's expensive!
  3. Seriously? or you yanking my chain?

    Also does all bases have bars/pubs or a drinking establishment of some kind?

  4. Why are you wearing a chain? Did 'Big Daddy' let you out of the shed again.
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  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Yes, they do.

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  6. Right, a serious answer. If someone were based in Germany, cigarettes were tax free. Booze was very cheap. Our bar charged 50pfg (17p) for a shot, and 1DM (33p) for a beer. Now go away, please.
  7. But since we are about to close Germany, almost free beer and fags are not in Heffs future!
  8. They have beer in Germany?
  9. Ok cheers, I assume that means in the UK you pay same price for cigs as you would in a co-op or tesco and beer is similar price to say your local pub.

  10. Some messes are subsidised by the soldiers mess fees, so beer may be cheaper. Others not.

    If you went out shopping we pay the same tax as everyone else.
  11. NAAFI bars, pubs, each company/squadron had a bar, LAD bar, unofficial bars in accommodation blocks, unofficial section/workshop bars, pads who've built their own bars in garages/cellars/front rooms...

    1 Euro a can in the LAD bar here - lots of free shit kicking around too. Fags - About 30 Euro for 200 or 99 Euro for 800 Lamberts.

    Tax free fuel, free road tax...

    Dirt cheap whores...

    ...Hating every minute of it. (Shame work gets in the way every now and then.) :)
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  12. Where about's are you based?

  13. Fallingbostel - work sucks but the liver damage and fruitloops I work with are OK :)
  14. I am in Hohne, Its only become alright since the medics sent a ton more split arses here.

    (A ton in medics is 20 women, But a ton in gunner girls is a thigh)
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  15. I hope if I get in I get posted to Germany, could do with them cheap cigs!