BeePee efficiency czar FUBAR

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. As the spill heads towards the Florida Keys and Miami The Daily Beast has a pop at Deficit Hawk Dave's new efficiency czar in July Fourth Outrage: British Gov't Elevates Disgraced BP Boss
    A disgraced, tiny martinet, fond of surrounding himself with cherubic sycophants, whose short sighted cheese pairing policy direction may have wrecked BeePee, made a big dent in the UK's GDP and seriously Browned off our most valued ally. Some may think this a bizarre appointment, the sort of jaw dropping mistake only made by deranged private sector fetishists given to snorting too much coke off rent boys arses.

    It's actually an act of refined Etonian genius. What better wrecking ball rapidly reduce Whitehall to Somalian standards of effectiveness? Heckuva of a job Brownie!
  2. So this Lord Browne fella is responsible for TransOcean managing to blow one of its rigs up?
    The article is horseshit, just more American demonisation of BP and all those associated with it.

    TransOcean and Haliburton are responsible for the Gulf of Mexico mess.
  3. Filling all the void spaces on the Horizon with seawater didn't help matters...........
  4. In the DM Lord Browne's former male escort lover assists case against BP
    A fondness for unreliable Canadian rent is hardly a remarkable eccentricity among todays English Haute Bourgeois but elsewhere in the paper they refer to the BeePee's preening "Sun King" as a "Labour Lovie". Doubt he'll last long under this sort of vigorous tongue lashing from a Daily Male gagging with outrage.

    The FT mounts some sort of rear guard action. I mean what's wrong with having an "opulent personal style", all your office furniture designed by Viscount Linley while cutting back on maintenance costs on oil infrastructure that's lethally going pop way above industry norms?

    Actually boasted about spending on $200 million on re-branding stuffy old Union Jack draped British Petroleum to a lovely green tree hugging company that was Beyond Petroleum. It was all mouth and no eco trousers, very silly. That brand is now toxic waste in the US i.e. where it matters. I think some adorable chairs and a 200-page "Reputation Manual" spun together by Ogilvy & Mather is just what Whitehall needs.

    Hayward's mandate at BeePee was to be “not Lord Browne” to break the culture of cutting back to the bone on operating costs to produce a shareholder pleasing bottom line. It seems he actually repaired much of the damage done to safety procedures but failed, the insidious ‘Every dollar counts’ cult survived. When it hit the fan all he could do was try to deflect the blame knowing full well BeePee was the permit holder committed to cleaning up an impossible 250,000 bpd.
  5. Can somebody help me here, wtf has the ex-chairman of BP got to do with the current situation?
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Because, allegedly, Brandy, Browne ran a drive against costs which cut down on BP's safety culture.

    However for me the main objection to his being given any job by any reputable Govt is that he is a proven liar.
  7. The guy who ran the company from 95-07 is more at fault than Hayward. All was going swimmingly under Browne's swashbuckling management, BeePee's demanding shareholders were fat and happy as he played the game up to the brink. Then in 05 his luck ran out and it all started to fall apart. There was the Texas explosion, the Alaska spill and they got a massive fine for trying to rig the propane market. He was gone within two years. An oil company like any big organization changes slowly, this looks like half a decade of chickens coming home to roost after the bean counting Browne boom years. The spill is just Nemesis's coup de grace.

    The FT has the full story here.

    You could see this as rather like Deficit Hawk Dave who may soon be blamed for tipping the UK economy into the second deeper dip of the recession but was set up to fail by his longer serving predecessor's short sighted, bottom line fixated, lack of prudence.