Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by monkey_wench, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Anyone who has been to ADSC know the recommended level for a female or if not male? My recruiter said it was lvl 9/10 for female. I got 10.2 about 5years ago!! This seems fairly high for a female at selection? Is he trying to psyche me out?

    Anyone in the know please?
  2. You dont do it at selection but average person (non atlete.soldier) for females is level 7 and males level 8. For the Poooliirrce you need level 9.
    But realistically you should be doing level 10 minimum
  3. For the police you need level 5.5!

    You dont do a bleep test on selection..
  4. Thanks Scabster. I think that sounds about right to me.

    My JI's shows the bleep test as part of the PSSR. Anyone been to Pirbright recently and can clarify this?

    The JI's were written in nov 2006 so probably hold little substance!
  5. Do you do press ups at adsc as part of a test
  6. No. Just "heaves", Jerry can walk, deadlift, dynamic lift and 1.5 miler.
  7. 'kin hell i been Pirbright recently and there isn't a bleep test!
  8. Alright proper calm down!! was on my JI's...FFS!
  9. who's the one that needs to calm down now hey ;)

    all the best, im sure it will be a doddle for you. even if the other lads annoy you (which im sure they wont) just try to play nice :p
  10. Thanks proper_job...i needed that! lol!

    Even though I have passed all my phys in the past, I still don't want to fcuk up in anything!!

    Oh I do play actally really nice me! :)
  11. yeah its all pretty straight forward, think of it as a way of elimating the piss poor performers more than anything.. you get out what you put in pretty much.