beep beep "You have 2 days to leave the country"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by no1cares, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Is it April fools day already? I can't believe i'm reading this.

    Home Secretary John Reid said the new policy would make life "uncomfortable and constrained" for illegal entrants
  2. And when it doesn't work because it probably won't, guess who else is going to be uncomfortable? It is about time there was a new Home Secretary.

    Beep Beep. You have two days to clear your desk.


  3. To combat accusations of marginalisation of the illegals, we'll be supplying them with the bloody phones in first place!

    Yet another example of New Labour kidology
  4. What a joke...

    Do these people REALLY not think before publicising this crap.
  5. If we dont know who the illegal immigrants are - how will we know their phone numbers ?? A pathetic and desperate attempt to deflect the public perception of Home Office incompetence.
  6. They are now so totally divorced from reality it is not funny.

    Anyway, stand by for Sven to leap in, point out that the text messaging idea is but one small part of a wide range of measures, most of which have been proposed separately by the Tories (the desparate back-pedalling excuses deployed by 'Dr' Reid today).

    There is one thing worse than the perpetrator, and that is the apologist. Just ask Quisling or the members of the Vichy Government.
  7. 118 118
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Beep Beep - please do not get on the aircraft, you will be beeped at on your arrival to go home again.

    Beep Beep - please do not alight that rucksack.

    Beep Beep - as it failed to go off, we would remind you, please, not to run away.

    Beep Beep - please come out of the house, you are surrounded by mobile phones and pagers.
  9. Ain't that the truth?
  10. When the moby accepts the call it's location is known - perhaps the next step would be immigration officers knocking on the door?
  11. beep beep, here are the keys to your house and thats your 07 reg car in the drive. We'll let you know when your times up via text so don't you dare change your phone number!!!!
  12. It's a great idea except for the fact that :-
    A)The home office needs to know the phone number.
    B)An illegal is not going to pay tax so why should they provide their number to ANY government agency.
    C)Once, if the number has been sent the threat to be deported can not be enforced as they will just change their number.
    D)It will never work.

    This will only help those law abidding travelers who sign up for it.

    Reid needs to change a few things
    A)Obtain all the numbers of every one in the country.
    B)Text them form a Premium rate number "Hurry, your wife is giving birth!!!"
    C)Every one will text or call back on Primium rate number "Sorry you have the wrong number M8!".
    D)Reid makes sacks of cash then retires.

    Who the Fcuk thought this one up? It's worse than the idea to put Wacko Jack in charge of Child care and fatherhood classes!
  13. A slighty more draconian measure would be to use mobile phone technology to pinpoint their location and then send the boys round chuck em on a plane and robert is your uncles brother!
  14. Or even more dracionian, fit a "running man" style exploding neck braclet to them that explodes when their visa expires.

    Jobs a good'un

  15. Nice idea but you would have lots of complaints from people who's take away have not been delivered due to the driver loosing his head in heavy traffic.