Been Watching TV @ Gran's Recently?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Virgin sends elderly couple £500 bill 'for watching up to 14 pornographic films a day'.
    Great-grandparents Ron and Ann Hayward, from Manchester, were charged for 'watching' 150 adult films.
    It is the second time the couple, in their 70s, have been charged by Virgin for porn they deny ordering.
    Friends tease pensioners in Post Office queue and ask them for film recommendations.

    In 2009 they were also accused of ordering £190 of adult movies.Virgin eventually tore up the bill and turned off the couple’s service. But earlier this year the couple decided to resubscribe to the catch-up and on-demand services. Within days, dozens of adult films had been ordered, seemingly from the couple’s address, including 14 in one day.

    Virgin sends elderly couple £500 bill 'for watching up to 14 pornographic films a day' | Mail Online
  2. They're probably half-blind and deaf and think they are watching catch-up episodes of "Emmerdale Farm".
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  3. They're not really in their 70's, they just look that old having wanked themselves to a standstill.
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  4. No wonder they are half blind from watching all that - they must be wanking themselves into a frenzy
  5. Beastiality stuff then
  6. wish i could watch porn all day, but i have to work to pay their state pensions!
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  7. The old bloke just has a really gulliable missus.
  8. You lot know nothing. I think it's 'markintime' whose avatar states,' over the hill but not over the hump'. Us oldies are still up for it.
  9. Poor old fuckers,all they wanted was 14 episodes of Ground Force and ended up with 14 hours of Bound and Forced starring Anal Tits'and'Arse.
  10. This is why OAPs need remedial training in internet searches. They could have saved themselves a few bob by watching grot online.
  11. To be fair using their winter fuel allowance to to engage in furious wankery is probably a cheaper way of staying warm than paying a energy company for heating.
  12. Why don't the dirty old fuckers just admit it! We're all grow ups!!!
  13. I wouldn't be half surprised if it was their own viewing.from what I've heard if you can still get it up and not dribbling, you've got it made as a bloke as all the ladies will be fighting over you
  14. Because then they'd have to pay the bill...