Been waiting to re-enlist, since JANUARY!!!

Alright guys,

Been out nearly 2 years now and decided I miss it that much I want back in.
Ive had the paerwork in since Jan and I am still waiting. Theres no probs with my records, was a good lad blardy, blar, blar.
One problem thats slowed it down is the med docs which someone, somewhere decided to lose once I had left.
It took glasgow 6 months to realise this and for them to tell the ACIO that I need to re-do the medical as a potential sprog at Glencourse. Which I gladly did.
Ive spoke to the RCMO of my old unit who would gladly have me back.
Since passing the medical Ive been informed there are now know vacancies in the infantry and will have to wait for some Colonel to approve the application after all the waiting and being messed around by Glasgow since January. WO2 at my local ACIO has had to compile a load of e-mails and letters he has sent to Glasgow to which they havn't been replying to, to back up my case for the Colonel.

In my personal opinion APC Glasgow is one big joke and one giant gang ****.

All Ive wanted to do since January is get back in and get on with my life, and especially hearing theres lads getting back in and only having to wait a couple of months really gets to me! In a way I feel betrayed by the army for keeping me waiting so damn long!!!!!

Rant over!!!


Betrayed? There's no obligation on the Army's part to take you back on, it's not as if they owe you a career!
Still don't see how they betrayed you if you left?

Edited: Beat me to it!
If they claim you can sign back on easily, no fuss no muss, and then you quit your job, give notice to your landlord needlessly, etc, that's pretty deceitful in my view...I can see why you'd feel betrayed.

Unfortunately you just have to grin and bear it - just like in the good old days when you were in the army! I doubt that element of service has changed much since you left mate ;)
And no reason for APC Glasgow or your old Regiment/Corps to snap you back up - after all, you did leave, and we are cutting back on FTRS/Continuance already, let alone re-enlistments.

Sorry ob1983, but it'll take as long as it takes for you to get back in, if at all.
i wouldn't hold your breath ref's yet another recruiting avenue that's being turned off...i would seriusly start thinking about another career

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