Been told to buy different boots - any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Treadstone81, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. I've been told by my Med Cetre to buy some different boots, I was initially told to go via my CQ dept, but alas they can't help me. So I've since been told to buy some and claim it back on JPA. Simples.

    However, I haven't a clue, I normally only wear issue boots, but obviously, I'm having issues with them when I'm using them for anything more arduous thant day to day stuff (like CFT's, Ex etc etc).

    So I've got to find some boots with a flexible sole and flexible upper. I've got some spesh insoles that the Med Centre made for me to put in them too. Ones that the Doctor did recommed were:

    - Hi-Tec Magnums for day to day
    - Lowa's for CFT's, tabbing, Exercise etc

    At the moment I'm pretty limited to what I can choose from my PRI shop, however I can also order them off the t'internet.

    So any suggestions would be helpful!

  2. every one has different feet, so get your arse down to the shop and try loads of different makes and types on, its the only way your going to know they are right for YOU.

  3. I would agree with the comments above that you need to try on the boots. I've got a pair of Lowa Combat GTX and I find that they are good no matter what you need them for.
  4. Combat 95 BC ......for winners. Jesus swore by them

  5. im pretty sure that if the med cen give you a chit from the physio you then take this to the QM's they order them for you, negating the need to go thorugh JPA, flame me if im wrong :)
  6. Loads of info on here reference boots but what does ' flame me' mean?

    Am I showing my age again? Am I no longer hip and cool and down with it?
  7. Believe me I've tried. When they try to order anything but issue boots, by all accounts the system states, FOR SF USE ONLY...and I'm not!
  8. well i think there either talking bollocks or being jobsworths as i know for a fact at my last place if you genuinely had a valid reason you could get lowa's bought for you or whatever type of boot you needed, and they were placed onto your 1157 on unicom, this is nothing to do with demanding them on the "system" they were bought for you via local purchase. ask them about this route
  9. Tell them SF means Special Feet.
  10. How about yellow BFBS wellies.....anybody remember them from the 80's on BFBS?
  11. Altberg have a good reputation and will custom make to fit exactly (lasts and all). Trouble is, you have to go to their factory to get measured, so the boots could end up being quite expensive.

    OTOH, they'll be yours forever, and you can't buy new feet.
  12. Well I have just this day picked up my Lowa Cbt Gtx from the stores, with the £165.99 price tag from the PRI shop still attached.

    I believe that to order them by NSN then yes they are SF only, but by now most units/ med centres should have a system in place whereby if needed they are locally purchased via the PRI
  13. Aus, I'm fairly sure you can buy anything these days, I think the problem would be getting them fitted. He would also be the block "Geoffrey Dahmer" if he was caught with surplus body parts loafing in his bed-space.

    Too weird.
  14. I'd reply with a dire foot pun, but it's too early to think of one :)

    And anyway, they'd be used feet! Who wants to buy used feet? :)