Been though / doing TA Phase 2? What are your thoughts?

Just wondering, if you have recently completed, or are currently undergoing TA recruit training, what is your view?


I’ve recently completed my TAFs.
TAF 2 was the only stage that I felt was properly organised, probably because it was the only stage run by the regs.
I was not impressed at first, being a Ex Reg I think you expect the highest standards, and / or the same, but when you step back, you release that the RRTT are doing the task as well as could be expected with the resources and time available,
Some times it’s a case for the recruit themselves to meet them half way, I don’t see it as one sided. Even if you have 30 Mins spare, ask for a map +Silva and do a bit? In my opinion!!
Or as that wrong?
Bravo_Bravo said:
Err.. and?
I don't really have any great insights, as I didn't have many expectations to measure it all against. I suppose it did seem a little disorganised for the first weekends, but that seems to be a method of weeding out those people who don't have a clue (or just that there was not much to do but sit and wait).

It takes a while to get to the fun bits. Marches and CFTs were what I was looking forward to, it gave me more of a sense of being trained as a solider than the repetition of video / parade / video. The physical side was not really taxing for quite a while, I suppose they are easing you into it (and not dropping the unfit people) but I lost some motivation to continue training between weekends. I was disappointed that there were not more hand on things early on, like an assault course or suchlike.

The most annoying thing was the dropouts in phase 1. You'd be getting on with some people, have similar fitness/trade/intentions as them, be having a laugh and next week **pffftt** they were gone (usually after a small mistake and/or the shock of being shouted at). It makes it a bit depressing when you turn up and your group has shrunk again. What surprised me is the people who picked PO were the ones who dropped out the quickest (probably because I assumed if you are willing to go the extra and want the pips, you are not going to drop out because you don't like running more than 100m).

The only thing I found distracting was the over zealous ex cadets. I don't care if they were a brigadier in the AFC, if they kick me in the spine during a lecture to 'keep me awake'; I'll be forced to politely but firmly smother them while they sleep. It'd be for the best, really.

All in all, it's quite fun at the moment!

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