Been shot at/bombed by the Spams? Returned fire?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Been shot at/bombed by spams

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  2. Returned fire when the above happened

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  3. "Accidentally" fired on the spams

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  4. Been on active service with spams nearby but never had a problem

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  5. None of the above - I just want to see the results of the poll

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  1. We all know that our septic friends are a little too quick on the trigger & have the vehicle recognition capability of a blind, illiterate Chechen orphan with ADHD, an AK, and a chip on his shoulder, but have any of you chaps been fired upon by the spams?

    Have any of you returned the favour?

    Or "accidentally" shot at the spams yourself?
  2. I had one of them point a .50 calibre at me and reach for the cocking handle as we drove up to a convoy, it was pointing straight at the chest plate on my cba , we were in uniform in a discovery in kuwait scary.
    Know a bloke who claims to have been with the warriors which got brewed up . left the some ta para battalion forget which one ,as some pti thought maverick would be a good nickname for him a beating ensured .
  3. Liked the story of the RAF Chinook crew that got a bit of incoming. Chinook landed on at the firing point, aircraft captain got out, marched over to the Yank on the trigger and punched him on the nose. Not sure how much truth to it but it sounds good anyway.
  4. I heard a Story (Dunno if it was true), about some yank flyboys who flew into a live fire area down near cornwall. The Raiper gunners, promptly tracked them and launched, only to detonate the missile a few seconds later after the Yanks had filled their Flight-suits.

    Again I don't know how much of an urban myth that is.
  5. Invigoratingly close on several occasions, especially in the GAFA on Leave Cancelled 1.

    I would like to record my thanks to those fine men and women in Super Cobras who think FSCM and IR beacons are for pussies.

    And for sorting out the bad men as well...cheers...
  6. One of my mates was working with the americans in bagdad, they were out and about in their humvee when they were opened up on by some aussies. I Never found out if the spams fired back or not but i am quite sure they would have called in some sort of tactical airstrike.
  7. I expect most of the replies to this subject will be "I heard.............." so can be taken with a pinch of salt.
    Sh*t happens as we all know but blue on blue is unusual.
  8. Not exactly 'friendly' fire but aa spam Apache mistook the big f'off tent in Banja Luka I was sleeping in for a heli-pad. Easy mistake. One is flat and metallic with lots of antennas etc around it and the other is a vaguely domed inflated thing.

  9. Woody

    can you re-post but with the missing words please? Bit too stream-of -consciousness for me.


  10. Seen the spams open up on 1 tonne ambulance that happened to backfire as it passed camp 5 in Al Jubayl in 91. Thankfully they happened to be crap at shooting or it would have been a really bad day for someone.
  11. Not a friendly fire incident, and maybe an urban legend. It goes that a Yank working in a MASH during Op Granby went sick with a sore arse. The MO had a butchers and asked the young medic if he was a practicing homosexual, which he indignantly replied that he wasnt. Anyway, the guy had a ring piece like a blood orange, and after a while it transpired that another medic in his tent was waiting for him to fall asleep before giving him chloroform and then ragging his arse.

    I suppose the moral of the story is dont sleep with your arse in the air.
  12. Yeah heard that one to with the twist that he was selling the young lads arrse to the regimental fudge nudgers.
  13. the one about the chinhook that nearly got shot up then the pilot landed and hit the CO is true
  14. Had a "helpful" Cobra pop up and take pot shots at deserted T55s and BMPs I was unfortunate enough to be broken down amongst (in a CVRT obviously). Had an IR beacon on and the orange tea towel on the roof, but I had no idea whether they knew what the vehicle was at all, and therefore whether we'd be next. Clearly we weren't, but knowing their reputation for "fire first, ask questions later", it was a hairy few minutes!
  15. not exactly blue on blue but i saw a septic n/d outside Basrah airport and miss the unload bay. that was enough to make me take cover every time i saw anymore of them