been selected for promotion/halfway though change of trade

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by richie_n69, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. I am curently in the middle of a change of trades, but found out today that i have been selected for promotion to cpl
    i am changing trades from driver to ammo tech, my question is, if i was to continue with my change of trades will i still be promoted, or as i have been selected on the driver board is it unlikely i will get the rank?

    any help will be great
  2. my mate was in same position,he s due back monday so i'll ask and post his answer rich.
  3. congratulations
  4. thanks lads
  5. im interested in changing my trade to ammo tech how hard is the selection process? Im currently in the REME
  6. Failed PAAB then Kerry?
  7. No passed PAAB just very disappointed with the corps.
  8. I would be very suprised to see the REME let someone go who has passed PAAB, are you loaded yet or in waiting. It may make a difference.

    ps: congrats :)
  9. It's pretty difficult to stop anyone transferring these days, the army finally realised that if you keep someone in a trade against their will they will sign off.
    If you want to transfer get an interview with your RCMO or check out the army website/armynet, there is lots of info there.
  10. Yep spoke to MCM div and they do want to keep me in the corps unfortuneatly at a unit that has given me little/no career guidence, got an EME that has signed off so he doesnt give a sh1t. At a cross roads and dont know what to do. Been in the corps nearly 10 years. Help!
  11. Congrats Richie, but I wouldn't get too excited. I got told at my ATO's interview that I may drop a rank on completion of transfer. I'll try to find out more and PM you again.