Been scammed... Need Barclays or Police help!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by FinalRV, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. Well, I never thought it would happen to me but it has happened.

    I agreed to buy a laptop I had seen advertised on the net. The deal was I buy it in person, swapping cash for goods. On the day I realised I couldn't withdraw that much (over £500) so that morning I transferred the cash to him online. The transfer was a faster payment and was through in a few hours. I rang him to get the exact address and got no response, the number would just ring out. This continued for a day then the number was disconnected. No contact with the guy, no cash and no laptop. Bugger.

    I have rung the Police, got a crime number but they can't help any further, it is a civil issue I am told. My bank, RBS, cannot help as the funds are gone from their reach. Barclays cannot help me unless I have a UK Court order (which I will try the ALS to help with if they can) to reverse the funds. So, if anyone works for Barclays or the Police and may be able to help me can you PM me?

    Any other advice then please fire away. I have the blokes name, old mobile number and bank account number and sort code. I basically need any contact details for him, address, telephone....

  2. Contact the bank where the destination account is, give them the crime number and tell them the account is being used in commission of crime. Then get a solicitor to try and retrieve the money.

    And don't be such a tit in future.
  3. So....let me get this transfered some cash to someone for a laptop you didn't have in your possession, to someone that you'd not met.

    You're a ******* mug.

    I also, as it happens, have a laptop for sale. I will PM you my bank details. £250 should do it. Cheers easy.
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  4. I would have quick chat with the bank again wityh a bit more details

    I know from bitter business experience that cash isn't transfered immediately from one account to another, the Banks hold on to it as long as they can, and it may be that the payment at least can be stopped in some fashion until any dispute has been resolved.


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  5. Yeah yeah I know I have been a mong. I get it. We were meeting up to pay cash which is why I felt some trust. I realise I am idiot though. I just need some help from a Barclays or Police employee!
  6. If you were meeting up he must be local so scan the ads/web for the same PC - he may wait a while before re advertising it - keep an eye on ebay etc.. If you see it again arrange to meet up under an alias - say you've already paid and ask for your laptop. If he refuses feign a stomach cramp and drop to the floor whilst slicing his achilles with a stanley knife. Retrieve laptop and depart with the phrase "get that stitched you cnut"

  7. I don't think you should be encouraging people to use bad language. =|
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  8. It does seem like a civil issue between yourselves as you have entered into an agreement in good faith which the other party hasn't followed through with.

    This suggests that he has not targetted you and intended to have you off but just failed to follow through with an agreement.

    If you transferred the money from a credit account just contact them and they resolve the issue on your behalf in most cases.

    If it was from your own account things get a little more sticky. The banks tend not to allow the police to go mooching around in their accounts and on their computers so they usually (eventually) agree to investigate the matter themselves and eventually if they find evidence of an offence report their findings to the police with the reference number you have obtained.

    Off the top of my head civil law contains "The Sale of Goods Act" which may be worth a read. From a criminal position I'd be looking at the points to prove for "Obtaining goods or services by deception" from the 2006 fraud act or "obtaining a money transfer by deception" from the 1968 Theft Act. (This second bit of legislation may have been taken off the books though).

    All of the above is my own personal thoughts having had 5 hours sleep and doesn't represent the official stance of any Plod Service :D

    Good luck you numpty.
  9. Its not the same **** the Government are buying their computers off is it? Perhaps you could join forces!
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  10. 5 hours of sleep!? Did you have a lie in?
  11. Listen - You may have to get up 15 times a night for a p1ss but my todger still works and I'm under 50 so I require at least 8 hours to function correctly :D
  12. Can I pay you in Nigerian Naira?

  13. ...............

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  14. Tried both. Police are not interested, Barclays cannot refund money without a court order... I just want his address or telephone number so I can get my cash back.
  15. Where were you going to meet him? Where is the online advert?