been raped..its your own fault

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. Islam, don't you just love it.....
  2. I see, so rape and saying she deserved it, is an exclusively Islamic preserve is it?

    'Humorous' remarks removed.
  3. I kind of agree with what he's saying

    If a girl goes out wearing next to **** all, gets so drunk she can hardly walk, and then staggers home alone what is she expecting??

    I'm not saying it should happen but hey
  4. Maybe a RAF officer who has one too many in the Mess and toddles off to bed.........
  5. No but Islam is a religion that preaches that it is for women to do anything to avoid inflaming men rather than for men to practise self-control.
    The first commandment of a Civilised Society should be "Know thyself, control thyself", a variation on "do as you would be done by". This sort of teaching avoids that by saying it is acceptable to blame others for one's own weakness.
    If it acceptable for men to rape because they're passions are inflamed by skimpy clothing then it should be alright for women to take a fecking great strap-on dildo to preachers who inflame them by spouting this sort of excrement.
  6. There is NO excuse for rape ever!

    Does that mean if a lass was on holiday in swim stuff and had a liquid lunch and was crashed out after in the shade on her own, is she is asking for it! Get a grip!
  7. Especially in fundamentalic countries where you cannot live out your sexuality in a normal, natural way abuse and being raped is a major problem!
    It's just something that's happening and held behind closed doors.

    But let's be honest to ourselves:
    It's not such a long time ago when we had got the same problem in Europe!
    Before the age of emancipation women couldn't talk about it because they got blamed and mostly felt like it as well.
  8. I can't believe people even think that women deserve to be raped just because of what they are wearing. Surely we are a civilised society?

    This so called sheik should be jailed - in a woman's prison!!!! They'll sort him out - with a broomstick and no lube.

    Sadly, there are people out there who tolerate this kind of idea - why should any woman in a civilised western society have to cover themselves up? If these so called "faithful folk" cannot control themselves over here, maybe they should go somewhere else where they can practise their misguided ideas.

  10. That's very true! I hate the hypocritical culture of those people.
    It makes me feel like they are a threat to our (fortunately) free, democratic Western civilization.
    They might have grown up differently but as much as we try to accept their way of living they got to accept ours!
  11. If Muslim men cannot control themselves surely it is they that should be confined to their own homes and not the women?
  12. Once again

    Rape , 'Because she was asking for it your honour' is not an entirely Islamic preserve.

    Osnaduckling, it wasn't so long ago, that a certain Army heading all points east helped themselves. Yes I do appreciate the fact the Russian Army returned the favour in '45 , but rape is rape.

    It's a disgusting brutal dreadful crime, and there is NO excuse for it ever. Excuses of 'provocation' are not confined to Islamic men, just get on google, and see how many American female college students are raped at parties.

    It happens all the time, and anyone who uses the excuse 'She was asking for it, look how she was dressed' needs chemical castration.
  13. there's a difference between seeing why it does happen and saying that it's acceptable

    the idea of rape is vile but if people dont look after themselves who will?

    extreme anology - if you walked around Baghdad in nothing but an abe lincoln stove pipe youd expect to wake up with no head wouldnt you? if you get so drunk you cant look after yourself and walk around with your tits hanging out ur taking the chance that some sick **** is going to have his way with you
  14. that would be the police, the armed forces and the idea that Laws are in place to protect ordinary people. I know that it doesn't always happen in practice but we don't live in a perfect world. If the world was perfect we'd be out of a job.

    As for Islam. I see those who practice it as enemies. ALL of them. I'm sorry if this offends anybody but this is my view.
  15. It's the accepted point of view in the more 'fundamentalist' Islamic countries. I have an employee who I'd consider the most human of my arab workers - he has a sense of humour as well as being intelligent - who also expresses exactly the same sentiment; if she dresses like that she must be a whore, and therefore can't complain if she gets raped. He's serious.

    Unfortunately, it would be racist and criminal to express any opposition to that view in the Modernised Britain; it's a valid cultural and religious ethos, according to the European Union's parliament.