Been Medically Rejected is there any point in appealing?

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The appeal syystem is there for a reason. You wont know until you find out. How can you possibly hope to find an answer on here. Use your loaf!!
No not at all.Im just asking as im unsure yes i no theres an appeal system in place.but is there any point?Theyve said its a straight no you've benn rejected because of something silly i did over 2 years.
Rejected because of self harm over 2 years ago.i got put on my med reports as minor its only some scratches no hospital or anything just a drunken mistake they put me on AD's but got perscription
I read that the Self Harm issue was you have to have stopped for 4-5 years, certainly seemed the case at the AFCO. go see your GP and get an appeal in though becasse you never know. Good luck

Edit: I'm sure the Chapter & Verse can be found on here somewhere though
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