been issued 2 sets

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rugbyluke, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. alreet lads, i have been issued 2 sets of boots, is the idea to have a shiney pair and one pair polished fr the field?????
  2. One for TA days and another pair for your day job.
  3. Don't talk soft.

    1 pair to wear, one pair for Ebay.
  4. Stand by, Stand by.

    Edited to add, Ninja'd.
  5. one for your feet and one for your crash out kit!
  6. Crash out kit???
  7. ooops sorry i slipped back into another place in time called the cold war!
  8. Keep them both shiny. You'll have read through other threads on here that the soles crumble after a given period. That period may come when you really need a pair of shiny boots, so you'll have the other pair that you can just slip on.

    Of course, given that you're issued with the boots at the same time, you'll slip on the second pair and find that their soles have also crumbled.
  9. Both pairs for the field, no need for shiney shiney boots as we have no parade dress.

    Wear them alternate weeks so that both pairs are broken in.
  10. Many thanks
  11. You meant civvy clothing for a crash out for a 'cold beer'.
  12. theres always one with a sensible answer...
  13. If you ******* dare to turn up for Remembrance Day parade with field-polished boots...

    No.8 is Parade Dress (V). It only becomes Field Dress when you incorporate the Jacket, Field and remove all the carefully starched creases.
  14. Have you lot not been issued with FAD then? Maybe it's just the joys of being in London....
  15. If we'd been issued with FAD, it wouldn't be FAD, would it? We're waiting for CAD.

    (as in current...)
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