Been in TA for 3 years, Yet failed online medical?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Taggy123, Aug 18, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Basically I have been a member of the TA(OTC) for 2years , and transfered over to a TA regiment(11months ago), I have recently filed in my AOSB paperwork on the army website, and after about 6weeks of waiting, they have told me I have failed the medical.

    The only reason I can think of is because I said I had flat feet, However this is permissible as I had this checked out when I initially joined the TA, and as far as I was aware, shouldn't have been an issue.

    Does anyone know what avenues I should go through to get this overturned? As I'm already in the TA I would have thought common sense would have dictated I must have already passed a medical regarding flat feet and it wouldn't have been an issue?

    The email did say I can appeal it, Whats the best way to go about this does anyone know? Go to my GP and get a statement? Speak to my CO/TM/ADJ/Chief Clark and get them to provide a statement as well?

    Any help on the issue would be greatly appreciated,
  2. Failed or deferred? Either way ask, they surely will tell you. Have your feet ever given you problems?
  3. If you honestly don't have the nous to find out exactly exactly why you've failed, you'll be wasting everyones time at AOSB.

    Think about it.
  4. classy, real helpful

    probably a bite but still
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  5. He has a point though.
  6. You can't compare being a Cadet with the OTC to being an operational soldier with the Army Reserve. Medicals for the Army Reserve should be, quite rightly so, more stringent.

    Any form of appeal should be directed through your chain of command in conjunction with your RMO.

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  7. Hate to bust your illusion of adequacy, but OTC Cadets are subject to the same medical as TA Soldiers, which is the same as Regs...

    Joining procedure and entry requirements - British Army Website
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  8. I have just had a similar problem, Ring them, Find out what the problem is and make an assessment on what has caused the problem if you think you have grounds for appeal do so. They may have discovered that you have something wrong with you that you are unaware of well worth picking up the phone.

    Then with the support of your GP put in a letter of appeal
  9. This was on the email

    In your case you will have been rejected because the answers to your medical screening questionnaire has indicated that you have/have had one or more of the following:

    · Abdominal Problems
    · Any allergies or require a special diet
    · Back Problems
    · Blood Disorders
    · Bone or Joint Problems
    · Chest Disorders
    · Ear Disorders
    · Eye Disorders
    · Neurological Disorders
    · Psychiatric Problems
    · Skin Disorders

    Not exactly specific as to why I've failed, as I said the only thing I clicked 'yes' for was flat feet, So thats why I'm assuming its that, As its not very specific, and I'm assuming flat feet comes under bone or joint problems.

    And Yes to join the OTC you have to pass the same medical as joining the TA or the regulars.
    I'd say from my intake at OTC about 15-20% are currently at RMAS/have been, OTC's make up about 85% of regular Sandhurst, so of course they're going to be stringent with the medicals, although I believe you have to have another one on completion of Mainboard?

    Feet used to give me a little bit of greif until I was about 14 and got some insoles, Now I don't have any problems, I'm able to pass PFA/CFT no problems.
  10. Thanks for confirming that!!! I'm well aware of the medical standards. Maybe one day you too could leave the OTC and come to the Army Reserve with your flat feet and sense of humour failure!!!

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  11. What a chad post.
  12. Unlike your detailed effort!!!

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  13. When are you joining up then?
  14. When you dry your eyes and get a sense of humour!!!

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  15. Priceless.