Been here before...but....

OK, I have tried this before - with varying degrees of success.

I am searching for enthusiastic TA (or, indeed, regular) sub-units that would be interested in assisting as enemy for a weekend exercise I will be running this summer (in June or July) - it would be in the South East, probably on private land. It would involve low-level patrolling, vehicle moves and maybe a little bit of civpop activity.

Having learnt from past experiences:

1. I am trying to ask the same questions through "the normal channels", but these are slow, and unreliable. I doesn't hurt to have a back-up plan.
2. OTCs - feel free to offer...but I have had bad experiences in the past with student-type commitment, time keeping and reliability.
3. FANY welcome; my apologies for not having employed you in the past. I'll try and be better at answering PMs this year !
4. Loggies and signallers are especially welcome.

Please PM me if you are interested or want to discuss (though I shall be away 1 - 8 Jan, so don't expect answers before 8 Jan)

Many thanks.

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