Been deferred due to having a hole in my heart!!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by infpara_1991, May 25, 2008.

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  1. :x Came back from the Selection Centre in Pirbirght about two months ago due to medical reasons. :x
    I was sent to a hopsital in London the same day to have the check up which everyone through the heart murmour which i have got.
    I soon found out that the cardiologists found that i have a tiny whole in my heart which means that i cannot do my desire and passionate job i wanted to do which was to be in the para's due to the atmospheric pressure and all that.
    I was (and still am) very very angry due to i put everything onto the line that i wanted to go in no matter what and that i am never going to give up my dreams to be in the army.
    They said i only have to wait 2-3weeks to find out if i can re-do the selection again but 2 months on i have still heard nothing.
    Have been phoning up everyday at the careers office and they still haven't heard nothing at all.
    This has made me drop my fitness level even though i still do play football every weekend and goo to the gym 1 a week even though it was 4 times a week when training for the selection, felt very very strong and thought would have no problems getting in but this happened.

    Does anyone know if i would still get in even though i have a hole in my heart?

    Has anybody got any kind of advice which will help me through this rough stage trying to keep my hopes up?

  2. Mate they have just probably saved your life, have a deep breath and book in for some major surgery. Get fixed then get in.
  3. Heart condition aside, how is your decline in fitness their fault?
  4. Theres blokes not getting in because of having the tiniest bit of excema or asthma when a child, so be real dont think your going to get in mate.
    Im currently going through the same thing for excema... waited 2 months now my case as with yours will be undergoing reviewing for a few more weeks, that being if we are allowed to join we might have to do selection again.

  5. Hole in the heart?

    You'll not get in so long as you have a hole in your arse.
  6. Hole in the heart? You lucky b*stard! Just thank your luck stars that you've not got eczema. At least when you wake up in the morning you don't feel like you've been sleeping in a box of Frosties.
  7. I had a heart murmur when I had my medical and had to see a specialist who said I had a small hole in one of my heart valves. Dont know if this is the same condition as you have but it hasnt caused me any problems, I run a sub 8 minute PFT and Im off to do P-Company in October. Is it just Para reg you cant join or the army in general?
  8. You cannot join until you have been at least twelve months clear of any Surgery they carry out
  9. I agree, if you are as passionate as you say you are, keep up the fitness levels. I was deffered for a murmur and was truly gutted, I have upped my training and am now fitter than I was before, and should be back to selection soon. There is hope, if you want it enough, you will pull yourself through.
  10. Is it just me or is there many of these flids keep getting knocked back and come on here for a whinge? Why aren't they weeded out at ACIOs?
  11. Heart mumurs and holes in hearts cannot be seen in the office unless we start doing Open Heart surgery in the AFCO/ACIO?
    Med docs are given, however its all Med in confidence, if they dont tell us we wont know.
    ACIO/AFCOs simply do basic eligibilty when it comes to medical conditions
  12. I think that you should start doing open-heart surgery. It'll make your day just that more interesting.
  13. Back in the Stone Age there was a thorough medical before leaving home area and going to the RSC. Sounds like a bright idea has just added expense.
  14. Works for me, Right am off to find cheap medical tools off e bay :twisted:
  15. The Medical is done now at ADSC, however am led to believe the Navy/Raf still do Medicals before selection