Beemer R1100GS or R1100S?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. I've been abroad for few months and bikeless after flogging a Busa back in October. Now back in Blighty and with spring beckoning I need a new bony. I also need to wind down a bit - the Busa was showing an indicated 160 every day and my reactions aren't what the were. So...BMW is the choice and I've got a self-imposed limit of £4,000. My local dealership's South London BMW Caterham and they have a good rep. I know both these bikes also have superb reputations and I'll be test riding some soon but what do Arrsers think? I did have an ex-job K1000 a few years back and loved it but that was a D-reg so I'm not up on all this Telelever / ABS malarkey either. Any good?

    Cheers in advance,

  2. The 1150 is reckoned to be pretty good.
    Ask in here or search the forum

    GS Forum

    See this one on the 'mountain,' Isle of Man. The guy doesn't get into top!

    Google Video

  3. Might be some going cheap down Devon way :numberone:
  4. Trickywoo,

    Have a gander at this site, my neighbour picked up a nice Pan 1100 a few months ago for just under £3k on a low mileage W plate.

    Force Motorcycles

    Hope it helps.

  5. GS is the way forwards mate. It is a bit lardy compared to the 1200 but if it was good enough for Boorman and McGregor.......
  6. Just read the book can see the lovie whinging coming out in it. if you get the chance to see it again on one of the sat channels watch Mondo enduro those lads done it twice! mind you don't fancy going were they went these days :thumbdown:
  7. msr

    msr LE

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  9. Don´t listen to all this anti-BMW stereotypical cocoa and slippers crap. Any of the big boxers will see off a crotch rocket in the right hands and will give you big thrills without risking your license. Rather than the 1100 GS, see if you can extend yourself for a 1150 GS. You´ll find a really good 2001 for about 5000 quid. Advantages over the 1100: extra gear = less vibs at cruising speed, more power, telelever suspension really does make a difference to handling. GS v S? better riding postion (particularly if you´re over 6ft), bags of road presence, looks the spuds with Touratec panniers. I´ve had mine since 2001 and been all over Europe in it. Check out "Ride" Jan 2007, the 1150 GS is rated best second-hand big traillie, also lots of useful info on spotting a good ´un. Mine has given me huge pleasure, my long term plan is to go overland to Pakistan via China on the KR Highway, hopefully in about two years when I´ve got the mortgage squared away etc. Meanwhile, I commute about 45 miles a day on it. Engine should be good for 100,000 miles plus. Good luck.
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  12. R1200 S is the way forward .

    Cat FUNTS R1200s

    I have this one plus a Blackbird to keep me amused. Jolly good fun.
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