Beek Dogs up for adoption.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mahem, May 11, 2013.

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  1. With the reduction of troops in Afghan, there is a surge of MWD returning back to Melton Mowbury. Currently five a week are getting put up for rehoming (adoption) the process is done by blind bidding. I'm currently in the process of bidding on two black labs. These dogs have done a great job on the ground and deserve a great home.
    So if your in the military and want a fully trained, well looked after MWD, then contact the chief clerk at Melton Miwburry. (PM me if want any further details)

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  2. Is this exclusive to serving soldiers ? I know of an ex police handler who would love one.
  3. Great thanks mate.
  4. Thanks mate , could you PM the details please & I,ll pass them on.

  5. Could you PM me the details please?
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  7. A gentle bump.
  8. Can you PM me the details as well please?

  9. I could fit another dog into my pack, any dog with a good nose will find pigs and bambis with a bit of coaching, but the logistics of getting one out to Germany are a bit daunting, do they touch down in Germany?

  10. Anyone can phone up Melton and put in for a dog,I did it a few years ago and was civvie at the time.01644 566381
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