Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Whilst this issue has not yet been concluded it appears that there may still be a bit of a 'dinosaur' mindset amongst some in the Tower. Rather sad if true.

    BEEFEATER Moira Cameron was allegedly subjected to a hate campaign that saw her uniform defaced, notes left in her locker - and a web entry about her sabotaged.

    The 44-year-old bachelor girl became the Tower of London's first female yeoman warder "on merit" in 2007 after 522 years of exclusively male guards.

    But the high-profile appointment looks to have sparked jealousy among some of her 34 male colleagues. Two have been suspended over bullying accusations after an internal inquiry by the authority that manages the historic Tower.

    Read more:

    PS On a more serious note I am not a regular reader of the Sun - picked a copy up that had been left on the bus you see.
  2. Some centuries old traditions should have be left alone…
  3. I'm sorry, is that the PC equivelent to "spinster"? :wink:

  4. Allied Carpets have a sale on…
  5. Fixed it for you :D
  6. I wouldn't argue with 'her'
  7. Does anyone know her from her time in the army?
    When she first got the job some one said she was a whinger who complained all the time and played the victim card at every oppertunity.
    I would be interested to know if this is true, can anyone shed any light on the subject?
  8. Whilst that MAY be (not served anywhere near her Mi'lud), there are reports that three Beefeaters have been suspended. This would apperar to be a bit more than some doris bitchin' about not being treated fairly.
  9. I've taken the liberty of calling you a taxi, old boy. :D
  10. Curtains for some beef eaters?
  11. Apparently, she took umbrage when asked by her CO to make him a cup of tea.

    When asked what the problem was by the BoI, she said she didn't mind the CO's order of "A cup of tea, milk and two sugars, please" but objected to the phrase "And make that unskiffed!"
  12. Take something that has worked well for hundreds of years. Change it. If problems emerge then it is obviously the previous systems fault. You did not break it, it was broken all the time and the faults only came to light when you improved it.
  13. Absolutely agree with Oil Slick. I thought at the time of her appointment that this was a recipe for disaster. A woman in a mans world for goodness sake! Call me a dinosaur, MSP,un PC, etc if you like but I`m all for traditions being left as they are. I`ll bet if it was the other way around with all women beefeaters, a man would not have got a look in.
  14. Nice one Sticky.I shall steal that and use as appropriate!
  15. Are you a Scottish MP?