Beefgate - with an AMS twist

FiveAlpha said:
Shhh bedpan! Don't support the fellow or you'll be slated for being a non-PC dinosaur.
Im definately not a non PC Dinosaur.

I'll happily read any newspaper article, assess the 'slant' and make my own mind up over an issue...

... but when you know the subject of the article personally, then you have a little more insight into the occurances

and I for one will take a step forward and say that this doesnt sound like the same bloke I knew. that is my humble opinion and will stick to it
Christ was not aware Sandy was involved, don't know the ins and outs but if I am at work out here in the real world, and don't like someone I don't fu*king speak to em other than what is required to get the job done, does that make me a bully.... no course it doesn't what load of fu*king sh*te, you would have thought this split arrse would have had enough experience by the time she dons this uniform to get on with it, you can't get on with everyone, and fluttering your eyelashes and pouting doesn't work with everyone either.

If I have got it all wrong well TBH I couldn't give a fu*k as I played many a game with Sandy while I was in and he was a good lad and a nice bloke who doesn't deserve to get screwed over like he is.
so does anyone have an update on Sandy Appeal ????

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