Beefeater on video (Not suitable for vegetarians)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jungelism, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. Bump. Excellent video.

    Anyone know who this guy was? For some reason I can imagine him jailing pigeons just to entertain himself.
  2. Highly entertaining and well worth watching. Bit of a history lesson in there as well. I found the site on the link spent most of the time buffering so I cut and pasted the title onto youtube where it worked fine.
  3. Mel Gibson! That made me chuckle. :)
  4. 'They're under your bed kids!' ;-)
  5. The guy is a Star.
  6. That was a welcome bit of entertainment for an otherwise god awful guard that still has 13 hours left to go.

    The Yeoman warders are a good bunch of blokes (and bird) and they certainly know their shit.
  7. Awesome video!
  8. A regular guest in my lodge is a Yeoman Warder. I've been to the tower, and been in their bar. They're a good bunch, and enjoy a laugh. The tours they do are worth a lookin.
  9. are they still sworn in as special constables
  10. I've no idea? I'll ask Mitch when I see him next.
  11. Thanks Jungleism! Highlight of my evening.
  12. thanks, i've read a couple of places that state one way or the other
  13. Not just any Yeoman Warder either - it is the infamous WO2 B$£&$ C)(*&* RAMC..............awesome character and a true gentleman. It was my pleasure to serve with him.