Beeb Freaks

Has anyone else who watches BBC World noticed that they seem to have an incredibly well-stocked stable of truly spoooooooky female presenters? I've heard Condoleeza has been offered a job after she gets the heave-ho. Anyone got any suggestions for new recruits? I've got the wife's name in already!
Spooky? Who are you thinking about.Most of them seem OK to me.Especially the brunette on this morning.


Just realised you said BBC World,don't watch that.However I was thinking of Susanna Reid.Nice.
Taz, you're on the ball.... the basic formula seems to be ....quote another post.....the "H" word,... plus a wonky accent plus some wierd lovey-dovey sidelong glances and you can make Edward Heath believe that yachting isn't a way to attract winsome matelots.
check out the 'military expert' the beeb have (sorry can't remember her/its name.

Definitely called Nigel in daylight hours , only way to explain a voice that deep and sgt majorish.
I mean. Lise Doucet..... what kind of name is that? Sandblasted face, Irish-ish accent, and she's the nicest one. Others seem to have the type of suntan that doesn;t come from the beach and the anxiety to succeed that comes from the so0 called tell us what?

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