Beds on Sunday

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Link
    I'm spchlss :!:

    how about "wnt 2 wrk 4 a lrg + pfl org?"

    If these txts are being paid for out of the Land TLB, I can see why they have had to shut all the accommodation down over christmas. Still, a lot cheaper than a JDAM that flies down your phone.
  2. "Go home, you'll never win"? I'll bet that has them dumping their AKs in droves.
  3. This is only the first wave of the offensive, after Christmas they are unleashing the full wrath of

    your mommas so....that....

    texts :roll:
  4. Nothing to do with the winter then?
  5. Surely the best text would be:

    yr mthr wz a hmstr n yr fthr smlt ov l d brees
  6. my Samsung won't do arabic, pashtun or any other language these people understand.

    my SA80 does though :D
  7. Go home? They fcuking live in Bedford!!!!
  8. What I don't get is why you'd quote it as "u'l nvr win", when Arabic and Pashto are both written without short vowels anyway. So when you text in Arabic anyway, or indeed any language with an Arabic based script, it's nigh on impossible to shorten the words unless there's a common abbreviation. Moreover, this phrase in both Arabic and Pashto comes out a darn side longer than "u'l nvr win" and there's no real way of shortening it, not if you want to keep the same register of language.

    Nerd mode off!

    Journo scum, catering for the great unwashed and uneducated scum of this green and pleasant land since......well, ever.
  9. Its got to be pants - you can never get a mobile 'phone signal at Chix.
  10. Lol

    I think the entire phone system must have been down for some years now.

    APC were not able to pass on the news that "Garmin" << no real names please>> was an Officer!!!
  11. It's the ducks I tell you! I blame everything on those little fcukers! :D
  12. The ducks work for Orange.. no problems at all! 3G and everyfink! Just, please don't stamp on the ducks.

    Unfortunatley no avian species are employed by Vodafone and as such the signal for them is balls.
  13. I think some of them moonlight for O2 as well.
  14. "Hello, and welcome to Taliban Telecom. To enable us to process your call please choose one of the following options:

    To Report a stolen or faulty 50 Calibre Machine Gun Press 1
    To change your ambush frequency Press 2
    To access the mobile phone records of people you cannot clearly identify and text them from rural England Press 3"

    Tinfioil hats available from reception desk.
  15. "Hello Axis of Evil? ...No there's no-one in at the moment... Oh I don't know, out doing evil I suppose! I'll just put you on hold."

    Doo dee doo doo...

    "Have you considered the Axis of Evil pension scheme?"