Bedroom tax

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Artemis1, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. They have left home. She is sat in a house with 300% too many bedrooms for 11 months of the year.

    Get her in to a 2 bedroom or 1, and the lads can kip on the sofa if they come home.

    This is a noble system, but likely to cause pain... partly because of people being forced out of their 'home' and partly through incompetence that s sure to manifest itself.

    She may feel agrieved, but whatabout the families who need extra bedrooms but haven't got them for 12 months of the year?
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  2. I think its the best idea this govt have ever had, I hope they pull it off.
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  3. She's deluded. If they come home on leave they'll be like drunken puking hotel guests, just there for meals and a bed until sober enough for the next binge drinking sesh.
    They'll probably be off somewhere exotic like Tenerife or Corfu for Fishbowl cocktails and sex with girls from Hull.
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  4. She does not have to move, she is not being taxed on her empty bedrooms. Her housing benefit is being reduced by a percentage for each unused bedroom. The figures are I believe 25% for 2 spare rooms. So she has choices, live on slightly less money ,move to a cheaper house, ask the kids for rent to cover the difference, move to a 3 bedroom private rent. Or in extreme situations "get a job".
    In my village there are lone occupents in 3 bedroom social housing. While families are strugling to find somewhere to live. The bedroom rules don't apply if you are on pension credits, so the elderly are protected.
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  5. Pitswamper: I agree, when I sacked it for the weekend and decided to head back "home" I would tip up with a daysack and say hello before ironing my kit to go on the lash, parents would see me for maybe 2 hrs combined over the weekend before I restuffed the daysack to head back to the Shot.
  6. "Threatened with losing £1,000 per year, she approached a housing association about moving to a one-bedroom home – only to be told that none are likely to be available."

    Thanks to a nation of people "owning" multiple properties that lease to rent at inflated prices. I've never agreed with people using property in this manner to generate an income.

    And yes there are also pensioners in my local area living in 2-4 bedroom council housing that could be better utilised for families.

    One person / family = one home.
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  7. A common phenomenon these days is for the mother and father to be separated and living apart. Both have rooms commensurate with the number, age and gender of their children. One because the children live with them, the other so that the children can visit.

    Presumable with social housing you pay according to the size and type of the property so if you have a four-bedroomed property you are already paying for those extra bedrooms in your rent. I don't see why an extra levy should be made against those in social housing. In my book it would be better to make it easier to downsize if you wish to. However, with social housing it is often the area where someone lives that makes them reluctant to move. If you give up your house on a nice part of the estate you could end up next to the family from Hell.

    Does this only apply to those on benefit or does it apply across the board?
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  8. Oh..!!..thought it was about the 1st. Mrs 02 and the use of our joint credit card..'carry on'..
  9. "Bedroom Tax" my Arrse.

    Housing Benefit will fall by 14 per cent if they have one unused bedroom and 25 per cent for two or more. That does not seem in the slightest bit harsh to me.
  10. I've just read the article. Seems she is from Coulby Newham, it's no wonder they joined up and frankly I can't imagine they would ever want to return.
  11. Perhaps her sons, flush with cash from their new jobs, could help their old mum out?
  12. If there in arrears they can't move , according to council or housing association rules.
    We have locally single people living in 3/4 bedroomed houses and people desperate for more bedrooms.
    More than half the houses have been bought.But local young families can't get homes to either buy or rent locally and have to move out of town.
  13. Presumably one Leader too.
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  14. It applies to anyone who receives housing benefit, whether in social or private housing. I believe the original idea was to put a stop to people on housing benefit living in high rent million pound properties in London etc.
    Most of the people around this area who live in properties with spare bedrooms tend to be pensioners who`ve lived there for donkeys years and whose families have moved on, but being a pensioner they are of course exempt from the rules which kind of defeats the object.
    When I first found out about this subject I contacted my housing association about downsizing and was directed to a home swapping website. A scout around online for a 1 bed property within 25 miles of where I live turned up 3 properties, all were in sheltered accomodation for pensioners or the disabled, of which I am neither. A lot less hassle just to pay the extra 13 quid a week.