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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, May 12, 2013.

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  1. Bedroom Tax Blamed For Woman's Suicide

    Ok its a tragic that a woman has killed her self and in the suicide note she blames the government (although not the tax) Is good that the Newspapers point at what bits of her blame pointing pieces she did. Nice of her family not to help her out, isn't it. well on Sky news TV a minister pointed out that Samaritans say that suicide is not one thing to blame, yet the papers are profiting over pointing out what they like.

    What's this crap about Armed Forces exempt from the Tax about ? thought this was a benefit reduction, we pay for our houses from wages ? If we weren't employed then we wouldn't be armed forces ?
  2. Thread....

    "The Samaritans says that "although a catalyst may appear to be obvious, suicide is never the result of a single factor or event and is likely to have several inter-related causes".

    Stand fast AIR FILTER and the bus.
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  3. The 'Bedroom Tax' (it is not a Tax FFS) doesn't affect the Serving directly. The relaxation is in relation to the parents of a soldier. The bedroom may not be used 90% of the time, but the government have decreed in this instance the underused bedroom will not attract penality.

    I don't know why the big fuss over military bedroom, other bedrooms are similarly treated.

    In this instance, it is indeed sad when someone kills themselves... but couldn't she just have started to move instead? She was bouncing around (on her own) in a THREE BEDROOM house.

    I am not interested in the defence 'she wanted' to work. It is not relevant. Did she want to move to a smaller house?
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  4. FFS. The woman was too ill to work, living alone in a 3 bedroom house and and didn't bother to see if she could claim any DLA. Whose f**king fault is that ? The silly woman who couldn't be bothered to fill a form in ? her idle familiy who must have known how ill she was ?

    Or was it the fault of the cruel government who didn't fill the paperwork in for her or go to the doctors appointments on her behalf ?
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  5. In which she had lived for 18 years, you have to take that into account. She could of used the rooms, I suppose, to grow weed, rent them out, or cook crack/meth as many are doing? Instead the poor woman chose to take her own life, over £80 a month, which is tragic! I loathe 'professional' benefits parasites as much as the next but this woman had a lifelong medical condition that her doctors seemed to think precluded work and as I am not a doctor I cannot informedly disagree?

    There are no lower in today's society than politicians! They continue to divert attention from the real issues threatening GB. by focusing on trivialities and spewing propaganda only a fool would accept whilst money and control hemorrhage towards Brussels...and I genuinely believe they pervertedly enjoy vilifying the poor.
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  6. Yet you focus on the fact that this woman blamed the Government for her suicide. You completely ignore that she could have applied for DLA which would have made her considerably better off and you also choose to ignore what The Samaritans have to say on the matter. So, you are spewing propaganda whilst ignoring the facts in order to make your 'case', how does that make you any better than the politicians?
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  7. Sky are usually pretty neutral when it comes to bashing the Tories they usually leave that to the BBC.

    Hence the subtle differences in the way they would report it "the so called bedroom tax" the BBC would simply say the "bedroom tax".

    Of course it is nothing of the sort and the term has been dreamt up by the left to attack Government welfare reform.

    Housing benefit is paid by taxpayers, in one respect some would say it is a direct transfer of wealth from the taxpayer to landlords. No accident then that Government policy from both Labour and the Tories since the time of Thatcher has led to a drawdown in public social housing with much of the responsibility passed to the private sector for providing this housing.

    No accident then that many MP's from both sides of the house have some sizeable BTL portfolios in this day and age.

    End of the day this is about managing resources which the taxpayer has to fund.

    Many poeple who own their own houses or flats will be stuck in a studio flat with very little space. Why should they pay additional tax for someone to occupy a house with bedrooms they do not use or need.

    It's about choice. If the tenant wants to additional space then they will have to shell out a bit more of their disposable income for it. If they don't then they should move to a place which does not have the additional space.

    This tragic event is nothing other than the media trying to make mischief of the Governments benefit reforms.
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  8. **** off you wanksock.

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  9. Bedroom Tax victim commits suicide: Grandmother Stephanie Bottrill blames government in tragic note - Mirror Online

    As is usual selective reporting seems to have gripped some sections of the media. No mention in the sky report that the daughter moved out recently and that this may also have been a contributory factor.

    It clearly didn't help the under occupancy argument but said daughter was probably providing support which the old girl had come to rely upon, to suddenly have that grasped away and with her other mental health issues it may have been the straw to break the camels back.

    They even offered her a bloody bungalow and £2 grand to move..........

    It would be just as accurate to say "well done socialists, you've made this woman believe she is helpless and she took her own life"

    Looking at this Mirror article it seems the son is quick to blame everyone else whilst clearly he himself could have been doing more and making sure his mother was in receipt of the benefits she was clearly entitled too.

    Everyone deserves a 6 bed home at someone else's expense, if they don't get it, its someone else's fault ... I don't want to be someone else.. I want to be everyone
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  10. Absolute bollox, She may have applied for DLA and been refused? Nowhere in the article does it say she had not, don't make assumptions and then use them to strengthen your argument as it make you appear a a bit dim!? The Samaritans are way off the mark as suicide is sometimes, though not often, triggered by single events, to dismiss it entirely is misleading and to fail also to consider that other contributing factors were not directly linked to her poverty is one dimensional and shows no empathy.
  11. Amazing how different everyone treats mental health issues when it's within the serving or ex forces community. Double standards or what? Anyone who has themselves or has a family member suffer will tell you it is not easy to always see. My brothers eldest lad at 30 took himself of to Staffordshire found a beautiful spot where he knew no one would find him. Bottle of drink and pills and said goodbye cruel world goodbye. 4 months later his body was found picked clean by wild animals. Why? We haven't got a bloody clue, however when the bizzies checked his PC he had been visiting US based suicide sites for over a year.

    As some on hear who have helped me know I have also had problems which I won't go into with one of my own sprogs? This time I had no idea, painful as a dad to find out and who felt he'd failed her.

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  12. Ah, you mean like the 'happily married' nurse who topped herself after a hoax phone call, but turned out to be stuck in a failed marriage, separated from her husband and kids and had previously tried to off herself and nearly succeeded?
  13. Hmmm, so who do I give the benefit of the doubt.......the Samaritans or a blinkered Trotskyist?
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  14. Yet you make assumptions that she may have applied for and been refused DLA, nowhere does it even allude to that, just that although the doctors considered her unable to work she was not registered, not that she had been refused which would have been more newsworthy.

    Now what was it you were saying about making assumptions and appearing rather dim?

    BTW can you explain how you are more knowledgeable about the possible causes of suicide that The Samaritans?
  15. There is some real bollox in this thread from the usual crowd. You can call it what you like but the end result is that this woman lost £80 per month which she saw as a reduction that wouldn't allow her to exist. Faced with that, she took her life.

    Perhaps, she could have moved into smaller housing from the house she had brought her family up in over an 18 year period but the considered the place her home.

    Perhaps she could have claimed disability but she either chose not to and presumably, that would have resulted in a cut to her housing benefit anyway if she had claimed it?

    The "bedroom tax" is actually an insidious name for a significant cut in benefits for many people who have no other option other than to rely on benefits to exist.

    I would have thought better of the politicians if they had been truthful about it rather than dress it up as a mere change in regulations that if worked with by claimants would mean they didn't lose a lump of money each month.

    Deceitful scum!

    In the meantime, all the rich are spending their tax cuts on luxuries for themselves.

    Perhaps this woman should have tried to get a job as a performance car or luxury boat saleswoman. There presumably are job vacancies in what must be an expanding market?
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