Bedouin Get Compo Fever 68 years after Alamein

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stickybomb, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Nasty, nasty Breetish...

    Oh, give me strength... :roll:
  2. Mmmmm, they don't really have a leg to stand on..... I mean grounds for a claim. All resources given to help in clearing up such munitions would be given to any country that is a signatory of the Ottawa Convention. Not only is Egypt not a signatory, their military refuse to allow any survey of the problem on grounds of national security and also refuse to say what they have done to make areas safe. Maybe the Bedouin should direct their claims at their own government?
  3. When we were in Libya in 69 the only probably unmined area was the runway at RAF El Adam, they briefed us that all the minefields were surrounded with white painted stones, but in some places there were rows of white stones going all over the place,and you didn't know whether you were entering or leaving the mine field, I was not very happy at the time as I was driving the POL Bedford
  4. Can remember the cyrenaica trainng areas in Libya in the '60's ....cannot remember any minefields tho'
  5. The Boche were offered the chance to clear minefields postwar, in return they got to go home earlier than the 2 years. I blame the wops they kept throwing all those thermos bomblets out of their Fiats, Macchi and Caproni.
  6. They also used a great many wooden mines, When you think that Bir-Hackem, Knightsbridge Box,The Cauldron, were all in the training area, in fact the Chatham track from El-Adem to the battle group camp passed right by the monument to the Battle of Knightsbridge box which is in the centre of the battlefield, and the area had been fought over at least three times, there were minfields layed on top of minefields
  7. At least it wasn't dark and rainy though Tropper...
  8. Slightly off topic but in the piccy of the 'featureless desert landscape' I can see two blokes, a flock of sheep, several buildings, some power lines with masts/poles and a tree.

    It does seem that some 'featureless desert landscapes' aren't quite as featureless as the BBC would have us believe.
  9. No doubt this is a result of socialism red in tooth and claw at Bush House?

    As regards the featurelessness of the desert, there is a probably apocryphal story that the Battle of El Alamein was planned and fought on the wrong map sheet, due to a transposition of digits. The maps issued were apparently of an area 100 km south...luckily there was no confusing feature to prevent successful conclusion of the battle.
  10. We got issued maps of the area South of Jaghbub, on our way to the Kufra oasis that had just a Grid, with the words "Lack of Releif Data" printed on them, I think it was a sort of "Do it yourself" map
  11. Unlikely, we'd been fighting in the Western Desert for about three years prior to Alamein and the ground was well known to all concerned. El Alamein is actually a railway halt and clearly marked on the maps of the day. The whole battlefield lies between the "choke-point" formed by the Quattara Depression to the south (impassable to tanks) and the coastal strip to the north. We didn't just bowl up one day and think "F*ck it, we'll have the battle here", it was the planned defensive position for the whole of the 8th Army and we'd already fought the First Battle of Alamein there when we stopped the Afrika Korps and forced it to dig in and go on the defensive. There were so few areas of vital ground in the Desert that all were well known to the combatants by late 1942. 8)
  12. So Abdulaziz upset because he has no sheep to fvck?
  13. Knightsbridge monument in 2008

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  14. Could it be that he's approached the Germans and been told to feck off, the same when he approached the Italians, but knows that if he approaches our weak-willed politicians, there will be compensation, an apology for starting the war, a council house anywhere he wants in Britain and as many sheep as he can shag!
  15. ...and he seems to have started his quest by talking to a naïve journalist who thought that filing this story would endear him to his left-wing handwringing editors.

    Sadly, the journalist was probably right.