Bedfordshire charity gig, help needed


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I am trying to arrange a charity gig to raise funds for ssafa this summer.
I was wondering if anyone could help out in any way.
Bands, security, transport, publicity etc etc
Also someone who can take over occasionly from myself when i am temp unavailable.
Pm me if you can help, and thank you all for reading this post.

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I have a venue arranged fo 7.9.13 in Houghton Regis and i am talking to a couple of bands at the moment, if anyone knows of any bands who may be willing to play,
please let me know.
We have also got another venue in the summer near Raf Standbridge which we plan to make into a family day with live music.
All proceeds will be going to ssafa.
The events are being organised by ex forces and are designed to help serving and ex members.
Any one interested in helping in any way please pm me.

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