Bedford TM 8T CALM 43KB22

Discussion in 'REME' started by Ralphy, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    Last year I purchased a Bedford TM 8T CALM to restore..and to relive my youth!!...Im exRCT/RLC. It served with 4BN REME and was CAST in Oct 2007 after 25 years service!! The restoration is finished now and the truck is like new. During the restoration I came across some squaddie graffiti inside the fuse and buzzer panel. Its typical humour and would love to find out who the guys are...heres what was written: "Bren 4 BN sh*t" and the best one "Macca bums dogs!"

    The military registration was 43KB22 and its last UIN is A4544A. Id really like to know what that unit is and anymore history on the truck.

    Many thanks in advance.


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  2. How are you meant to get in the bloody cab? Are you spiderman?
  3. Great stuff but I reckon it'd make a nice motorhome.
  4. No wah. I drove these.

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  5. They were members of 4 Bn. One was called Macca and he liked to bum dogs.
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  6. Have you actually been in the Army, you ******* pleb.

    Makka, is short for MakkaPakka....he's an arrser. He was ******* Dale for quite some time (hence Makka fucks dogs)

    I believe he's seen the light and binned her though.............
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  7. It's my penis it's very small, I have to compensate. The TM has power steering it's just not fair but it'd be a bastard to get on a campsite.
  8. You're a very bad man.
  9. Fair enough.
  10. As you can see in the Unimog pic different army,princess :)
  11. Resplendant with "DripTray" underneath.
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  12. Truck does scrub up well though. Nice one.
  13. Good paint job, think some of the old and bold PRE Inspectors would of took it off the road for the hub bolts being painted green(they love their red paint) though and it looks as though the resprayer got a bit keep on the crane hydraulic hoses. If I was you I would get yourself a bigger drip tray though and just wonder if your time in the RCT enabled you to get those ratchet straps and jerrycans as didnt think you got them as part of an auction vehicle. Good work though and is a solid reliable bit of kit if used reguarly and correctly.
  14. Are you ex 'SHINEY SEVEN' Sqn RCT/RLC ?

    The TM looks a lot smarter than the 'new' ones that were parked up at 27 LSG REGT RCT in 1982.
  15. Andy,
    You have to pay to get the records and when you've paid they may be incomplete. I think it costs about £50. I decided not to bother.