Bedford TM 6x6 14 tonner "45KE79"

Well, these RAC and AAC types are always putting up threads about MBT's and cabs from the past so why cant we all join in? :)

Anyway, 12 years ago to this day (and for nearly 3 months previously) I was living in,beside,under and on my venerable old lady "45KE79" as OP AGRICOLA steadily grew momentum.

We deployed together as part of the 26 AES element of the LABG (4 Bde). She was loaded with Heavy "A" spares. I recall there was 6 pallets of spares and one of CES. When we arrived at Kavadarci from Thessaloniki, there was no accomodation for me. The vast majority of the BG were in "A" vehicles with their own crew-shelters or pent-houses. I tried to sleep in the cab for the first night, but although I unscrewed the gear-stick it was damned uncomfortable thanks to the black stowage box between the seats. Not a good night's kip was had.

The next night I pulled the CES pallet to the back of the flat-bed and slept under the tarp (with a pole and mush-room giving me some head-room) between the pallets. I did this for about a week and it wasnt much fun either. I was on a camp-cot with two roll-mats, a softie 6 doss-bag and bouncing bomb,fully clothed with gloves and balaclava. The inside of the tarp froze every night as there was nowhere for the condensation to go.

After about a week of this a CSgt of the Irish Guards spotted my plight and gave me a crew-shelter which was for the dump. As far as I could tell there was nothing wrong with it and it changed my life!!! I secured it to the side of "79" and lived like a king!

But things got even better when the REME lads I was attached to reconditioned an old BV and donated it to me. Now I had hot water withing 20 minutes and could sustain myself.

She performed well during that tour and did many miles between the various locations in Macedonia. When the great day arrived (12 June 99 I think) we rumbled into Kosovo. A couple of stops on the way and we settled in the eventual Gundolph lines. We remained there til late August when we moved north to Podujevo to form up with the LABG elements who were end of touring and then travelled south to Thessaloniki where I loaded her on the ship.

All in all, "45KE79" is the wagon Ive remembered most so far in my time in the Army. No mechanical troubles whatsoever and she was driven over all sorts of terrain with heavy loads. In due course I'll update this thread with pics of her from this glorious time.

I wonder where she is now? Scrapped no doubt.


Have you sold the film rights yet?
We wait with baited breath. :dead:
89KA66, my BV206 at AMF, I had relations with that vehicle, the exhaust was especially kinky...
Bedford RL....56 BS 00....rammed a champ up the harris.

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