Bedford RL. Surely there are none still in service?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Prompted by this thread:

    Where a fellow arrser describes seeing this:

    With a set of these fitted:


    So what would the new TCV Enhanced Seating be doing in a military vehicle that as far as I know was withdrawn from service thirty years ago?

    Does anyone really still have Bedford RLs on charge?
  2. sold off prototype fitted to a privately owned Beddy?

    Or a knock of set bought from e-bay!!! :D

    Or a built set for the bedford, from the same company, for fun rides in the back of a restored privately owned Beddy.


    They found a RL in a shed somewhere in Ashchurch and thought.... "Why not?"

    It is currently being sprayed desert and being fitted with armour.
  3. something odd there, the inside view of the tailboard looks like its a leyland daf 4 tonne.
  4. To clarify they are sample photographs. The RL pictured isn't the one he saw and the seat system although described as being identical is not the actual one in the RL (so probably is in a DAF)
  5. There were plenty of mint Green Goddesses (RLs) before they got flogged off, so there must have been spares, etc, in the system until very recently. Maybe there are some other specialist RL variants still on the stores shelf?
  6. The Green Goddesses were not "in the system" though. They were part of whatever department succeeded "Civil Defence" (Home Office) and all storage, maintenance (and probably ownership) was transferred to TNT Fleetcare who provided a "ready to go" fleet of them.

    Mechanically, much is common with later Bedfords although the petrol engines have been discontinued for a very long time.
  7. Bedford MK replaced the RL in the early 70's Most RLs were cast by the early 80's, I remember using one as a TCV at Depot kings div in 83. No doubt some survived as specials in odd-ball units, but since dieseliation of the green fleet they won't fit in anymore. Must be walts on a day trip!
  8. There used to be one at 10 Regt RCT in Bielefeld in the late 80's used by 9 Sqn as a G10 I think.
  9. It was probably a Gun Bus or beaters bus from a shoot.
  10. There were diesel engine versions of the RL in use in Berlin in the early 80's.
  11. A few (certainly one) REME units still had box bodies as late as '87.
  12. There is one at AFC Harrogate this could be it.
  13. What on the M4?
  14. Handsome looking vehicle. There was one parked up inside the RAOC trade school, Deepcut as late as 1992 I think. (Used for static NAN bin field training or such). Loggies, is it still there?

    I've got a couple of old Dinky Bedford RLs! Don't play with them any more I must add! :roll: