Bedford MJR 4 X 4 - help needed

Discussion in 'REME' started by milley, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Hey I have a bedford MJR 4 x 4 ive had her for a few months now and given her a good drive and now i have some questions:
    I fully serviced her, the front propshaft is removed but ican only manage 45 MPH. Is this standard or am i missing something!? The truck has only been used for cable laying for Hampshire county council - any advice would be gatefully recieved - thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply, i noticed most military MK/MJ's have single wheel rear axle's mine has twin wheels - is this just for extra load carrying capacity?
    PLease excuse my lack of knowledge but i have alot to learn about her!
  3. And can anyone tell me if theres any good places to get spares - tyres propshafts etc - we are based in Somerset and there doesnt seem to be much around here - thanks
  4. I would have thought that was quick for a Bedford :lol: : Seriously, they were not designed for speed so between 45 to 55 is what you should expect.
    Have you any idea what are you getting as MPG?
  5. Like most Bedford Trucks, MJ & MK models were available with a vast list of options of which wheels and tyres (and springs) was but a small part. It was claimed that the Bedford Truck factory could build a different vehicle for a year and never build two the same!
    J and K designations were engine variants. The J engine is a standard diesel engine whereas the K engine specification was designed to run on 'multi-fuels' and had a change-over setting on the fuel injection pump.
    Most MKs were built specifically for the MOD and followed a general standard list of options - including single-wheel off-road tyres. These tyres are well-suited to 'mud-plugging' but not the tyre of choice for on-road driving. Some MKs had winches built-in (and some were left-hand drive). Most military cabs had roof hip-rings and racks for small-arms (that's 'rifles').
    Many MJs were built for utility companies and equipment varied. Some specified single-wheel off-road tyres.
    You will find a plate (probably in the cab either on the door pillar or wheel-arch) that will specify allowable axle loads.