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Hi I'm in Manchester and would love to talk to someone who's worked on bedford 4tonners.

I've got an MJ that had an electrical problem with the battery draining and then failing to start. An auto spark friend tested all the circuits and located the power drain in the starter motor. I've taken this off (picture attached) and had it bench tested, it's working perfectly normally.

but, when I looked at the wiring I noticed that the little round socket plug (picture attacted) has loose wires. (the wires are attached to the back of the socket and this plugs into the starter). these wires are or were being held in to the socket with sillicone sealant, a bodge.

do you know anyone who could re-connect these wires? I'm in manchester, or have a wiring diagram? is there something missing from this socket plug and that is why sillicone has been used?

One other question. look at the photo of the starter. there's two terminals at the very end of the starter on the round face. when I disconnected the started all the wiring, including the earth strap was on the left had terminal. there was nothing on the right hand one. but as you can see there is a snipped off bit of bared copper wire on there so it was connected to something at one point. What is this terminal for? any reason why there was nothing connected to it?

NB although I got this MJ straight from Whithams, I did have a this replacement starter put on by a civvy garage and the sillicone bodge is theirs, not witham's nor the MOD's.

any help, advice, contacts greatfully received as I have only one week to get this vehicle back on the road....paddy wagon.


If there is a voltage drain, i'd suspect something that had electronics in it... such as the alternator/generator pack.

The starter motor is just a motor... a couple of coils and a solenoid to engage the drive gear. If it (the starter) is causing a voltage drain then i'd presume that it would get rather hot. especially at 24v with 2 whacking great batteries on it.

You could try wiring an ammeter into the main power feed for the starter and see what current draw there is (when the vehicle is turned off).

Then try it on the alternator/generator.

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