bedford mj air brake problem


am having trouble with my bedford mj, its not getting up to air pressure only reaching 3.5bar on both gauges and takes around 10-15 mins to get to that and drains in around 10 mins to 0. checked around the system and cant find any obvious leaks with soapy water anywhere. i can hear air escaping from the reservior internally but cant find where the air is going. any ideas or things to check for
Have you checked the automatic drain valve? It's underneath at the front nearside (assuming RHD). there is a small needle poking through at the bottom. This often gets stuck with crud - especially if oil is getting from the compressor into the air system.

Simple job - 4 bolts. Make sure engine etc off and little or no air in system. Undo bolts remove rubber diaphram and other bits, clean carefully, reassemble. Fire up etc. Should be OK.

Hope this helps

Any chance the drain isn't working and / or tank hasn't been bled and the tank has water in. Other than that, could the compressor be failing ? It's amazing how much shit builds up in those things over time.
At present it is bollock freezing ice here! whats it like with you? just in case you have water in your tank.
do you drain them regulary? fnarr fnarr
It's a long time ago but I recall that there is a compressor governer valve located inside one of the chassis rails, can't remember which side, a sort of top hat shaped thing with a bolt and locknut on the top. If that fails the compressor works overtime and never charges the tanks. The plastic sensing line to the valve floats about in space and is susceptible to wear and leaks. It's amazing what sort of shit us old warriors know (or think we know), isn't it?

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