bedford / daf Master switch

Discussion in 'REME' started by Thread_Bear, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Does anybody know who manufactures the master switch.

    6MT4. 2590-99-835-1303

    any help would be much appreciated

  2. Is it Lucas?
  3. This is what it looks like.... (or rather an artists impression!)

  4. wow...

    the want £787.75 for a master switch!

    ram it - robbing bastards
  5. If it's not in service then you just want any 24V isolator and make it fit.
  6. The switch you are after appears to be Daf not Bedford, they are different bits of kit. If you want yours reconditioned it looks like it will cost you about £225, I wouldn't be surprised if you can find someone else to do it cheaper though.

    Reconditioned ones are here:

    and here

    Or there appears to be one for auction here: (item 1007241)

    As has been suggested, if you aren't arsed about it being original I would solder the negs together, insulate the remote cutoff cables and fit a simple isolator to the pos line (such as this. it costs 40 bucks, you can get the double pole one if you want to isolate the neg too, for 80).
  7. ok its for a crane that moves boats over in St Malo France.

    i built it last year, but...

    french law says that plant equipment must have a battery master switch on both pos and neg sides.

    this particular switch does both.

    I retro fitted cut off switches to abide by their laws and they have fused twice. i have no idea how or why it has happened, so now i need a really durable switch which i know is tried and tested and actually works!

    i think they are turning off the pos switch before the neg switch, and possibly getting a spark???

    either way, its under warranty and i have to find a solution!
  8. :roll: Well why didn't you say so? You need to work out what the max current being drawn is and for how long and what the normal use current will be. It sounds like the switches you fitted were the weak link in the system, find some which are rated above the crane's motors, or whatever draws the most current in the system.

    A Mechs *tut*
  9. When someone reads that out to them they'll be annoyed :wink:
  10. lol....

    FFS...i didnt by them from Poundland!.... these things are from john deere, to their specs!

    The one that I fitted is rated at 450A continuous, 800A momentary. which is more than enough. I think it may be operator error!
  11. yeah... one month left on warranty, why did it have to fail now!