bedford 4 x 4

hi was hoping if anyone out there could help me in finding a bedford 4wd MJ. the conditon is not important as long as it will move and has a good cab. we have many spares and engines as we use them for drilling bore holes. require second truck to use as driiling rig.

thanks Well-Driller
Well Driller, I sent you a PM on this but never heard anything. Check your pms or get back to me.


looking for a bedford 4 x 4 try
phmvan derweiden
middenhavenstraat 76
1976 cm ijmuiden
the netherlands
po box 546
1970 am ijmuiden
the netherlands
tel +31(0)255 530304
fax +31(0) 255 521587

theyhad quite a few when was there in feb inspecting unimogs amd merc 1017's for shipment to libya. We actually use kenworth c500 with failing cfd 1b holemaster rigs for both waterwell and uphole drilling. if you do approach zwarts mention hernon from agesco my e-mail is



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