Bed Rage !!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by methilman, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Ever been so Fcuking angry in bed at night, someone at work has pis*ed you off so much that you couldn't sleep, you lie awake going through all the things you are going to say and do to that person in the morning......did you carry it out ????

    send over.................
  2. I thought this was going to be a new porn website.

    Oh well!
  3. No I haven't.

    Have you considered just having a relaxing play with your tool? It beats the Hell out of hot cocoa for putting you to sleep.
  4. or you could wake your wife up !!!!!!!
  5. I find that a good w@nk sorts most problems out.
  6. Have you considered the huge benefits of copiuos amounts of alcohol.???

    Or indeed that the person pissing you couldn't give a fcuk about your little feelings diddums?
  7. Sounds to me that you are at the wrong end of the food chain my son. :roll:
  8. Loads of times. If I reacted to every insult, I would be in Broadmoor by now.
    As GT said, copious amounts of alcohol is the answer.
  9. Except that you end up furious and swamped. There are only so many times you can blame the missus.
  10. Humbug Sir, if you must tell the wife more than once that its her fault buy her concealor for Christmas.... black eyes are not just for Xmas, they are for life.
  11. Brilliant, i just laughed out loud
  12. As an alternative to alcohol you could buy "The History of English Law" by Sir Frederick Pollock & Frederic William Maitland. It comes in two large volumes.

    When I was in university it was a surefire cure for insomnia. Three or four pages would put me right to sleep. IIRC the history ends during the reign of HM Edward VII and I never got further than the part about HM Edward II. This left a bit of a gap in my knowlege but I did get to sleep.
  13. It fcuking killed both of them!
  14. I think you should take it out on your wife,kids or pets then burn the house
  15. I've that a few times, resulting in a couple craters in the wall next to my bed.

    No better time to go for a run I reckon.