Bed-Boxes or Quilts..??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thericecrispiesmademedoit, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. I'm sure most of us remember 'Blankets Itchy Itchy' but have todays recruits got it too easy having Quilts..?? I had 'Happy Socks & Sad Socks'.. Shaving Kit laid out on Green towel.. Any more first week training funnies welcome..!
  2. sleeping on the floor so you didnt mess your bed up..
  3. Remember Mess-Tin Order and the Razz Man came along and twatted it with his pace-stick..!!
    OOOOOhhh ya fecker..!!
  4. Sitting on a blanket getting dragged up and down the corridor because the bumper wasn’t good enough

    The Quadrangle 8O 8O
  5. Have you tried Bumpering the Guard Room Ceiling..??

    Arms like Arnie after that fekker..!! :salut:
  6. move your whole bedspace bed , locker the works 600 meters to the drill shed,,,,
  7. had to work a bumper in each hand at keogh bks guard room when on my rma cse, fecking arms ached for days after that bloody episode.

    bedpacks with a "weeeeee" in them.
  8. Regimental Bath for the Troop grot..!! Broom, Bass for the pushing..!! Ajax & Vim optional..!!
  9. Using only one sink and one toilet between the whole Platoon so there was less work to do for inspections.
  10. Pokey (Spelling) drill with an SLR, f*cking wonderful for this shortarrse
  11. Having to help one of the lads move his entire bed to the guardroom for show parade, showing bed without pubes.

    Oh, and trying to wear the same kit for as long as possible so you don't have to mess up your locker layout
  12. Hey Knocker,
    Funny you should mention Keogh Bks mate, Thats where I learnt the art of 'Ceiling Bumpering', I was on my CMT 1 course at the time..!! Frowned upon from above let me tell ya..!!
  13. Shaping your beret for the first time then placing it, whilst still damp, in your locker in its correct place on top of the red PT top.

    Yep thats right, next morning the whole platoon in red PT tops with black rings on them. I think that turned out to be the worst PT session of the entire basic training.
  14. Box Collars and starch.

    All night ironing your kit for the first time then having it thrown out the window next day.
  15. Top panels, assault boats and other random pieces of heavy sh*t above the heads and round and round Hawley hard