Bed Blocks

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Tabemeister, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Someone told me yesterday that recruits don't do bed blocks in phase 1 training, but get issued DUVETS!!!! Please somebody quash this vicious rumour.
  2. I've read that duvets are issued after the long weekend break, at week 7.

    Not sure how true though!
  3. Issued?? I only got a duvet in phase 2, because I went out a bought one!
  4. They also get a musical dummy and a rotating mobile with animals on FFS.
  5. I think that on the 'Commando- Front Line' thingy recently the lads picked up duvets as soon as they arrived! How queer!
  6. As I said, I could be way off the mark, I've not been there yet!
  7. Yes you are quite right we should make their life as difficult as possible for them so that when it comes to learning about their job they are too tired and disinterested because they were up half the night making an unhygeinic, antiquated bed block and couldn't sleep the other half because they were sleeping on the floor.

    Alternatively we could move into the 21st century and acknowledge that some things are more important than that.

    To be honest the majority of bullsh1t that the Army subjected its recruits to in the 80s and 90s was a fallback to the period of National Servce when occupying soldiers in barracks was of greater importance than training them.
  8. Spoken with a lot of common sense Barbs, but where´s the fun in trashing a duvet FFS ? :D

    Disclaimer: I was never an Instructor at a training establishment and therefore never did this; but admit it, you were always grateful when some other poor recruit had his bed block trashed and you didn´t :wink:
  9. The reason all the bullsh*t is in place is to teach recruits how to perform under arduous conditions, and to maintain high standards and attention to detail regardless of distractions or fatigue. Take away the bullsh*t and you take away half the training.

    My training was in the mid 90's at Pirbright, and, although I bitched and moaned all the way through, I still appreciate to this day what I had to endure. Bed blocks, sleep deprivation, beastings, late night locker trashing, all of it.

    Not only is the training valuable, it also helps to weed out lesser mortals who, for want of a better descriptive term, can't be arrsed.
  10. The whole point of the first few weeks of training is to turn a civvie teenager into an effective soldier. This means being able to follow orders, even crap ones.
    Most if not all teenagers wouldn't dream of tidying up their bedrooms and squaring everything away first thing in the morning. So by making bed blocks and putting everything in it's place in the lockers, they are learning the importance of good admin.
    Once they are in the field (for real) they will hopefully keep themselves and their kit clean without the need for reminders.
    Once they have learnt these valuable lessons they can then be rewarded with a few comforts.
  11. A few good comments from Mike, and Murphy there. I agree wholeheartedly with both of them.
  12. Yes gents well said. As for being too tired because they have been up all night............and can't concentrate............ isn't that the whole point.
  13. No the reason for the bullsh1t remaining in place during the 90s is because unthinking morons let it continue.

    It is not valuable training.

    "...weeding out lesser mortals" - you are clearly quite uptight. Every soldier under training has been selected because he has potential to do complete training. There is no remit for instructors to weed out anyone.

    Brutal training as you describe can produce brutal soldiers which could result in brutality on the battlefied (and brutality is different from ruthlessness).

    Get over yourself - it happened to me therefore it must happen to the next generation.

    Keep the best of training and get rid of the worst of training. Demotivating activity is worse than pointless and can set people back considerably.
  14. Making bedblocks and good admin are not mutually exclusive. Irrelevant.
  15. So what's next? Get rid of drill (It makes my feet hurt bwaa haaaa)?