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Bed Bath anyone?

Which Nurse do you prefer?

  • On his Left?

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • On his Right?

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  • Total voters


Book Reviewer
I've had the one on the left, I'd like to have the one on the right, and is it wrong to want to fcuk the one in the middle with those scissors?
REMEbrat said:
Argee2007 said:
chimera said:
I think this ones been done.

I wonder if she has.

The guy in the blue footy top looks like he wants to, he has the eyes of stalker level 4.

Yeah but which one, the Sgt in white or her Mum in the stripy top?

The squadron leader looks more fun, the sgt just looks too smug and into herself whereas the SL looks like she's up for more fun and what a set of jubblies, she wouldn't need a sponge to give you a bedbath :D

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