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Yeah right, I am off on my annual STAB tours holiday this month and we are going to play soldiers like the real squaddies in Brecon.

I have got a mountain of kit to take but my question is this.......

I have heard that Brecon like most training areas has its own climate but, bearing in minds it's June do I take my civvy 3 season bag or my heavy duty one size fits all NBC proof, CFT weight sleeping bag ?

hmmmmm, dear surfer- it's up to you


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Take your car and pack all your bloody kit - weather there can be very changeable.
When I did junior and Senior Brecon I took my car and used it as a mobile wardrobe and stores.
If you got your kit to hand its easier to pack and repack according to the Op.
If tight for space then the kit you take should be dictated by what you are going to be doing there,
If weight is an issue use the layering system back light but layers if you are in the field there really is no problem sleeping in your clothes or softie etc for added warmth.

Apply some thought and I am sure the answer will come clear.



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P.S Of course if you are a REMF who the hell cares just turn the heater up in your vehicle - and leave the real soldiering to the squaddies in the Infantry! :)

Have a nice holiday & don't forget the post card from Saras in town!


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